Twisted Wonderland Prologue “Welcome to Villains’ World”

I didn’t really think it was useful to have a full summary of Twisted Wonderland story since the voice acting is too good to pass up on, and also you can easily watch the clips on YouTube, I thought it would still be useful to capture the essence because there are actually some important lessons to be learnt from these quirky dysfunctional students. As I progress along, I have also come to appreciate the various perspectives and motivations behind their actions which makes you really wonder if they are really all that evil. This is really what makes for good storytelling!

The premise of Twisted Wonderland is that you have been mysteriously kidnapped by the Black Carriage to Night Raven College – a magic academy for talented magic users. However there seemed to be a mistake in the selection because you have no magical talents whatsoever and the headmage Dire Crowley is at a loss of what to do when he is unable to send you home either. I guess planet earth does not register in this realm. Not wanting to throw you out on your own without any money or skills, he decided to house you in the Ramshackle Dorm, an abandoned house, until he has figured how to send you home.

In the meantime, you find yourself bunking with a new dorm mate, Grim, a rather rebellious yet talented monster who can use fire magic. The headmage refused to admit him into the school since they have never accepted monsters into the college. After witnessing how you could actually get Grim to listen to your commands, Crowley shares that you may some potential after all. He adds that while both of you can freely board at the dorm, you will still need to pay for your own living expenses and offers you janitorial duties in order to earn your keep.

Your first assignment is to clean the main street leading to the library. While doing so with Grim, you bump into Ace Trappola (Hearts) from Heartslabyul dormitory. He kindly introduces you to the Great Seven that the dormitories take after and then quickly takes a snipe at both of you for causing such a ruckus at the orientation ceremony. He goads Grim into a fight which ends badly as they end up charring the statue of the Queen of Hearts, when Ace uses his wind magic to change the direction of Grim’s fire balls.

For their transgression, Crowley punishes them to clean 100 windows after school. When Ace tries to escape the punishment, you enlist the help of another freshman, Deuce Spade (Spade) to stop Ace. In his haste to stop Ace, Deuce summons a huge cauldron to land on top of Ace, pinning him to the ground. Grim took this opportunity to slip away from the punishment. In the following pursuit, Ace, Deuce and Grim destroyed the grand chandelier in the dining hall.

Crowley was so angry that he threatens to expel Ace and Deuce but the latter begs for another chance, willing to do anything to fix the issue. Though the chances were slim, Crowley suggested that they could check out the Dwarfs’ Mine to find a rare magestone. They had until the next day to return with the stone or be expelled. So the motley crew of four ventured into the mines to find the stone only to discover that it is being guarded by some hideous monster. When they each tried to take on the monster, they failed miserably and took a beating.

Subsequently, you came up with a game plan and managed to get Grim, Ace and Deuce to team up effectively with their magic to take down the monster and retrieve the magestone. Upon the defeat, Grim discovered a black crystal on the ground and picked it up to eat it without a second thought. Though disgusted by his actions, Grim said that the stone was very delicious. When you returned to Crowley with the stone, he was surprised to learn that it was a success and how you got them to team up to accomplish the task. He breaks down emotionally that the day has finally come when the students of Night Raven College has joined hands to defeat a common foe. Ace and Deuce quickly denied holding hands (HAHAHA!). Crowley added that his suspicions were confirmed that you indeed possess the talents of a beastmaster.

While the Dark Mirror is able to recruit magic users with great talent and potential from around the world, this great talent begets great pride and big egos. They are so self reliant and self centered that they never considered cooperating. But because you cannot use any magic, you have the natural disposition to convince those who can use magic to work together. He is convinced that he needs you in the college and thus grants you and Grim the qualifications to attend school jointly as one student. He also assigns you the responsibility to guide Grim in the ways of human and to watch over him. He also gives you a ghost camera to capture your encounters while in school.

This ends the prologue and how you unwittingly became the dorm prefect of Ramshackle Dorm, and a student at Night Raven College. First impressions of Ace makes him out to be your typical hot-headed punk who speaks his mind and always finding way to avoid hard work. Deuce is the slightly denser half who has difficulty thinking on his feet under pressure but is certainly more responsible than Ace. For the rest of the game, they will be your main companions in your adventures or rather misadventures to bring some balance to the twisted personalities of the dorm wardens.

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