Tears of Themis Xmas Partyland Event

In the blink of an eye, Christmas is upon us. ToT has kicked off the celebrations with its latest event which started on 11 December and will last till New Year Day on 1 January 2022. I wonder how the year has been for each of you – has it been one of discovery and hope, of recovery from despair, or even that of ongoing perseverance through a difficult time.

For Christians, Christmas is one of the two major events in the year as it marks the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God, as part of His redemption plan for mankind. Jesus Christ is the perfect gift and sacrifice that God gave to us so that we can have hope in life after death. Since then, Christmas has been regarded more widely as a season of joyful tidings and exchange of gifts among loved ones. For those who live in the Northern Hemisphere, Christmas which falls on December 25 also coincides with snowfall and is often associated with winter festivities as well (although in Singapore, we don’t have snow, we have gloomy skies and rain during this period).

You’d know that Christmas is round the corner when the malls and streets start to be decked up with sparkly lights, Christmas pine trees, Santa Claus and his reindeers and Christmas carols playing in the background. For lovers, this will be an opportune time to soak in the festivities, enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner (or ball) together, snuggle before a cozy fireplace and exchange gifts of love with one another.

The artwork for the event cards are very beautifully drawn and I particularly like Vyn’s SR card – perhaps it’s the wintery white which blends with his silvery white hair and beige turtleneck that just makes you want to cuddle up to him. Marius’ story is quite tantalising too! Unfortunately for me, after 40 rolls and no SSR and no more S-chips, I think I may have to pass on Marius’ SSR for the first time! In any case these SSR cards will be added to the rotational banner some time later so perhaps I will still have a chance.

Other than the new cards, the Xmas Partyland event is made up of two parts. First a jigsaw puzzle game with the main objective to reward you with 300 S-chips, and the second is a Monopoly-like circuit around a winter festival market. The game mechanics is similar to the Summer Breeze event. By completing event quests which are reset either daily or weekly, you gain normal dice (random steps) or loaded dice (pre-fixed steps) which can be used to move around the circuit. Dice also replenishes at a rate of 1 die per hour. Without spending money, on average, one can get about 25-35 dice a day which is sufficient to complete 1-2 rounds of the circuit. Each time you complete a round, you upgrade the Dream Globe which unlocks new items you can get.

Deck the house with boughs of holly, fa la la la la la la la la….

You can swap between four of the male characters at any time who reacts differently to the same encounters, providing fresh content and some insights into their personality. Here’s the most interesting one I picked out which tells much about how each of them will react if they have offended their girlfriend.

Luke: Let’s help him, some people find it harder to express themselves
Artem: Be sincere and own up to your mistakes
Vyn: If you can’t be responsible, then you don’t deserve love
Marius: In the first place, I won’t make her suffer or be angry with me

Depending on the number of activities achieved while progressing around the circuit such as completing simple missions, answering trivia quizzes and landing on certain cells, you gain experience points to level up your achievements in Winter’s Reveries. You gain rewards as you increase up to a max level of 50. There are three ladder of rewards – the Free Tiered Pass and two levels of Paid Tiered Pass. The tasks that awards experience points are also reset on a daily and weekly basis as well as tasks that only be achieved once during the event. After moving a certain number of steps, a random Teleport point will materialise which which will teleport you to a reindeer workshop. Enter the workshop six times to earn the Festive Winter Badge.

For this event, purchasing the Tiered Pass at S$16.98 will unlock the possibility to get one interactive chibi invitation (level 30) which you can use to spruce up your home page, and up to 4 SR Luke “A Star in the Palm” cards (level 50). This card is not available through the Xmas Partyland visions and it is unknown if it will be added to the rotational banners later. You can also top up your Tiered Pass to the highest tier for another S$5, to get 1500 EXP boost, 100 S-chips and 2 Tears of Themis in addition to the above. Either way, for F2P players, you can get one of this card as long as you reach level 30 on the Free Tiered Pass route before end of event.

Based on my completion rate, I am currently at level 6 after 2 days into the event so I guess hitting level 30 should be attainable without spending money. In the end, I scaled up to level 47 by ensuring I roll the available dice almost every day.

You also gain Wishing Coins while moving around the circuit when you land on the wealth cells. It is easy to rack up thousands of Wishing Coins which you can use to exchange them for upgrading materials. Personally I would go for the Selection Star SR first which can be used to increase the star of any of SR cards – a convenient feature as it allows you to upgrade those cards without waiting till you roll a repeat SR card.

Last but not least, with your new SSR or SR cards added to your collection, enjoy your Christmas with your date as you read the card stories. Actually ToT has prepared a special in-game snowfall from 21 Dec and New Year fireworks which will go off from 28 Dec to usher in 2022. Amidst all the game events, don’t forget to actually celebrate Christmas with the love of your life on Dec 25 and gift them with your undivided attention. Better still surprise them with a kiss under the mistletoe.

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