Tears of Themis Special Consultation – Vyn’s MR “Morning Glory”

On 17 December, Tears of Themis launched a new type of card with the MR tag, supposedly ranked somewhere between a SR and R card. The main difference between a MR and SR card is that the latter has stories while MR rewards you with a few minutes of voiced content as the character engages in a private conversation with you. The first character to kick off this new series of cards is Vyn with his rather sleepy and oh very seductive just out of bed look.

In order to get this card, you will need to embark on Special Consultations tasks and collect a total of 15,000 Special Reports over the 10-day period when this card is available. Here’s a breakdown to figure out whether this is obtainable without using S-chips.

Everyday when you log in and do the minimum tasks, you will get 80 reports for a total of 800 over 10 days.

Each case taken on gives you 60 reports, with 3 cases, that’s 180 reports. After that you can take on a lawsuit, which gives you 180 reports with 15% bonus if you use all Vyn cards during the debate for additional 28 reports. As the cases only refreshes once a day, you can get a total of 3,880 reports through this.

There are three one-time only tasks that also rewards you with reports based on how many Vyn cards you used during the debates. These gives a total of 560 reports.

This means altogether, you can get 5,240 reports without spending a single S-chips. Clearly this is a far cry from the 15,000 required to exchange for this card so spending 80 S-chips to refresh the number of cases under this special consultation is necessary. I estimated you will need to do this at least 25 times costing 2000 S-chips which puts it just slightly above the cost of a SR card but at least you know which one you’re getting with this.

Why didn’t I do this maths first before I actually used my last 1,800 S-chips on the Christmas banner with not a single SSR in sight? Goes to show, it always pays to do your sums.

Afternote: I did grind pretty hard to get the beautiful MR card but alas, I wasn’t aware I could actually use the 15k special reports to exchange for items in the mall, one of which is a Vyn namecard!! <heart stab> In the end, all the unused special reports were returned to me for Stellin. I’m so rich now…

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