Tears of Themis Love Poem to Skadi story (end)

Your friend, Evelyn Fuller, a journalist working for a geographical magazine has invited you on an all-expense paid trip to Skadi Island. The island is located where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Arctic Ocean and is a popular tourist destination for its natural scenery and faerie culture. Evelyn wanted to feature a less obvious spot, i.e. the haunted mansion which boasts a local legend about a Lord of Darkness. She pleaded with you to accompany her and write a travelogue of your adventure. Reluctantly, you agreed only to discover on the day of the flight that Evelyn was unable to fly with you due to work exigencies.

Upon arriving in Vikya Capital, you were greeted by the local liaison whom Evelyn had arranged for you to meet, a certain charismatic Johann Brose. He seemed to be well liked by the residents and is also the owner of the local pub. Learning about your plight and the lack of information about your destination, he offered to ease your job by sharing with you his stories about the manor. However you felt that you needed to explore the manor on your own as the travelogue needed to be authentic.

To assist you with this assignment, Johann suggested that you help him with some tasks to put a party together which involved speaking with the local residents. By interacting with them, you may find out more information about the manor.

Day 1 (1.1.2022)

Johann asked you to check with his detective friend who has gone to a meeting at Night Beach whether he would still be attending a party with him. Upon arriving at the detective conference, you were surprised to bump into Luke and updated him on your plight. When he learnt that you were planning to explore the Mansion of Hermes, he said that people who had visited the mansion had refused to share about their experience or had urged others not to go there. He asked you to let him know when you’re going to the mansion so that he can accompany you.

Luke: No prob, take your time. Just remember that whenever you need it, your Sherlock will always be at your side.

Johann’s second request is to visit an old professor friend who lives in Faerie Town to invite him to the party. But who should you meet on your way to his house, none other than Vyn who had been invited to attend a seminar on occultism. When he learnt that you’re investigating the mystery of the manor, he told you that his friend is also doing a research on the place as it has a unique history. He hoped that he would have the honor to accompany you when the time comes.

Vyn: Be at ease. You need not provide an answer right now. Good things are always worth the wait. I am in no rush. Simply follow your heart.

Your third task brings you to Sakya Fjord which is famous for its local specialties needed to prepare his menu. You immediately appreciate the picturesque natural scenery around you – cascading waterfalls, clear river streams teeming with fish and carpet soft grass. At the produce company, you see the silhouette of a very familiar figure – Artem. He is here to handle an international agreement case. When he learnt about your assignment, he didn’t think that the mansion is really haunted. His client is a local and was intending to pay respects at the manor. He spoke about the manor with fond nostalgia but refused to share more as some stories are best laid to rest. 

Artem: Ahem… I’ll be on Skadi Island for a while. If you don’t mind, I can go with you. It’s an abandoned house, after all. We can watch out for each other, and time off is hard to come by, I want to accompany you and do things you want to do.

Your final job for the day is to go to Seti Falls to take a photo which Johann can use as decoration for the party. The waterfall is breathtaking. Standing at the edge of the cliff overlooking the waterfalls really give the impression of the edge of the world. You are surprised to see Marius at the bottom of the cliff. He asked you if you had specially come to the island to see him. -_- He shared that he is here to get some inspiration for his final art assignment and some R&R. Marius shared that his classmate used to live near the manor and was sure there is certainly something sinister inside.

Marius: To be safe, I recommend bringing someone with you. I’m a pretty good choice, if I do say so myself. Why don’t you think about it?

You: Marius, your routine’s getting old.

Marius: Doesn’t matter if it’s old as long as it works. How about it? You really won’t consider bringing me along?

Reporting back to Johann (and the extreme coincidence that all four guys are on the island with you), you told him that you have had a change of mindset. After the preliminary investigation, it seems like the manor is really interesting and you are eager to learn the truth. Johann compliments you for your attitude and hopes you might bring fresh perspective to the mystery of the manor.

As a thank you gift, he hands you a box-like object called Erin’s Winter. He told you that the deepest secrets of the manor is hidden deep underground and you would need this box to get to it. In order to unlock the box, you would need to find the missing gemstones that once adorned the box to complete the image. These gemstones are scattered throughout the manor. When the gemstones are pieced back together, it will reveal four doors that lead to the truth, and only upon exploring these doors, can you open Erin’s Winter. (Sounds like Johann knows more about this place than he is letting on.)

<Received Key Item – Maid’s Bedroom Key from Johann with Lvl 2 affection after helping him find a suitable necklace for his girlfriend. He had picked up the key when he was in the manor several years ago.>

As a last piece of advice, Johann suggested that you check out Brandt National Park if you’re ever stuck in your investigations. A strange individual recently took up residence there and he might offer you some insights. Thanking Johann for his guidance, you hurry to visit the location of the manor, only to find four familiar faces already there each trying to compete for the opportunity to accompany you.

You: Why… are all of you here…?

Marius: To explore the manor’s secret with you, of course. I waited for forever, but you never replied, so I had no choice but to look for you here. Who would’ve thought that after coming here… They’d be here, too…

Luke: According to the guys at the conference, there seem to be a lot of unusual place inside the manor. As a detective, finding and providing answers to unusual things is my forte. You can’t go wrong with me.

Vyn: Something inside seems to pertain to my profession. If you wish to enter the manor, allow me to accompany you. I will decipher any mystery for you.

Artem: Documents written in Akkadian have been retrieved from the manor. Fortunately, I have studied the code and its language. We’re also partners, so we understand each other than others do. You won’t regret having me with you.

Marius: One after the other… Jie jie, don’t listen to them. I can also help you. My classmate said that there are lots of things related to paintings and religious art inside the manor. That’s my specialty. Take me with you – you won’t regret it.


Marius: What? Did I say something wrong?

You decided to break the tension by sharing what you learnt from Johann about Erin’s Winter. They offered to split the job of finding the gemstones for each part of the picture to speed up the process. Vyn – sword, Marius – odd motif, Artem – flowers and Luke – fire.


Day 2 (2.1.2022)

The next day, you decided to speak with other local residents to gleam more information about the manor from them. First up is Jolene Hall who lives in Faerie Town. When you arrive there, you meet Vyn and you stopped to chit chat with him, asking him about his trip. It had been a spur of the moment trip as his friend had pleaded with him to come attend the seminar. In the end, he was glad he agreed or he wouldn’t have crossed paths with you.

Jolene, a young girl who believes in faeries, played a game of Q&A with you. You answered three questions related to faeries and she thanked you for answering them correctly. Later she asked you to help her count the number of faerie cabins in the nearby forest. Her mum told her if she got them right, they would grant her a wish. You wondered why she is so fixated about faeries.

Jolene’s next stop brings you to the Night Beach where you met Luke. He is waiting for his friend to attend the conference. When questioned about his ability to solve the puzzles given out to participants, Luke assures you he will emerge victorious.

You find Jolene feeding the turtles who have come up onto the black sandy beaches to sunbathe and join her to feed them.

You meet Jolene again while strolling around in Vikya Capital. She asked you to help her get a balloon on display outside a shop which the shop attendant was happy to give to her for free. 

After raising Jolene’s affection for you, she invites you back to Faerie Town and asked you to help her decipher the text on a stone tablet. Her mother told her the way to see the faeries is written on the tablet. When you are unable to understand the language used, you looked around for another resident who could help you. He told you that the symbols are a language left behind by native residents of the island and believed they were a way to communicate with the faeries. What was written is some kind of generic blessing and not a way to see faeries, though. When Jolene learnt this, she cried uncontrollably and ran home to find her mother.

When you returned to Faerie Town, Jolene has a new set of fishbone blocks which her mother bought for her as an apology for the mistake on how to find faeries. Her mother said she will teach Jolene how to find the faeries after she has completed building the blocks. You stay to help her complete it. She commented that her finished work looks like the sculpture of the dinosaur (is actually a whale) in the town square. She thanks you and runs off to find her mother to show off her work.    

At Sakya Fjord, you find Artem and learns that he is having some minor hiccups with the current case. However he doesn’t want to worry you and just asked you to accompany him for awhile.

At Seti Falls, Marius is still looking for inspiration that could meet the high standards he holds himself to. You offered to stay with him for awhile too.

You also visited Zangr at the Brandt Glacier (Power Level 18051 – 70700). He is on a quest to find the faeries to escape his cruel fate as NPC fodder. He believes that the world isn’t real but fabricated by the faeries, thus finding the gate to their world is the only way to break free. As it seemed like it would be impossible to help him separate fantasy from reality, you told him that faeries only liked people who are friendly and gentle so he decided to try that.


Day 3 (3.1.2022)

Today, you decided to get to know another local named Hanson Walker better. The first job brings you to Night Beach to help him pick up litter. You meet Luke again who is now looking for clues. The puzzle is about an old lady who calls herself a Witch and lives in a small town near the beach. She claims that a pirate shipwreck is hidden here and the job is to solve this puzzle. Luke is unfazed and has some idea of what to look out for.

Hanson is angry with how dirty the beach is and claims that this will provoke the faeries to punish them again. When you asked him about what happened before, he quickly said it is already in the past. He asked you to help him pick up the trash. Hanson tires real soon and shares that he used to be the boxing champion of the island.

At Sakya Fjord, Artem updates that he has found the origin of the issue with the contract – a clause in the contract contradicted some local practices, and all is resolved now. He quickly changes topic and hopes to talk to you about other topics when together.

You also see many puffins feeding near the fjord and you muse at how comfortable they are with human presence. Hanson approaches you and shares that he has forgotten to bring the bird feed and asked if you could help him buy some seeds. He shared that these puffins are not wild but rather reared by Muller’s Ranch hence they don’t fly away when humans approach. Hanson adds that he visits different part of the island all the time to take his mind off things that happened in the past.

At the ranch, the owner, Muller Connors, says that Hanson always forgets to bring the bird feed and his granddaughter would usually be the one who comes but something has happened to her that they don’t want to talk about.

You agree to have a fishing contest with Hanson at Sakya Fjord as it is the season for brown trout. With some guidance from Hanson, you managed to catch a good sized trout and he compliments you for your talent. You attribute it to a friend who taught you how to fish. Hanson commented that he had a great time fishing and discussing fish techniques with you today and hopes to do so again some time.

Hanson is standing by himself at Night Beach and missing his granddaughter who had left him and gone somewhere far away on her own. He has written a letter to her and hopes you can help him mail it at the post office on Skadi Island.

After acquainting yourself with Hanson, he shares with you about the legend of the Night Beach. The beach used to be golden but this attracted many demons. After a hard fought battle by a wizard to chase the demons away, he turned the beach to black, a color that they hated. You told Hanson that your version of the legend is that the black sand is actually the remains of the demons. Hanson corrects you that the demons never left but were still wandering in the sea waiting for a day to return. You wonder why the stories are so different.

When you return to the beach again, Hanson points to a reef in the distance and exclaims that it is a demon rearing its head. You tried to reason with him that it is only a normal reef but he isn’t convinced. He says the only way to save Skadi Island is the find the wizard who cast the sealing spell. (Is everyone on the island a little screw loose?)

You meet Vyn who is a taking a break from the seminar back at Faerie Town. You told Vyn that you overheard some people discussing his paper about how the transformation of the Skadi legends were linked to the development of occultism. When you said you hoped to hear more about his discourse, he tells you that the seminar is open to all and he would reserve the best seat for you.

Marius seeks you out to help him find inspiration on his art topic, which is about painting what the eye cannot see. When you share your views, he is grateful that you’re his muse. 


Day 4 (4.1.2022)

Today it is back to playing with Jolene again at Faerie Town. You found her trying to stop a youngster from kicking a pile of stones she had put together for the faeries. After chasing him away, you helped Jolene pile the stones up again. Apparently the rest of the jobs repeat themselves so they are the same as those I did on day 2.

After reaching next level of affection, Jolene shares that her mother has told her that all she needs to do is make a wish in front of the faerie house in the forest to see them. You accompany her but as expected nothing happens. In a bid not to disappoint her you cajole her that she will probably meet them in her dreams instead as they are too shy to see in daytime. Oh well whatever works.

You asked Vyn what was the most memorable part of the seminar and he said it was when he saw you looking at him with brilliant eyes. (Awwww…)

Luke asked you to help him with his puzzle as it entails speaking with an elderly lady and he feels she might be more comfortable with you.

After you pass Artem some files to help him with his case, he asked how long you would be on the island so that he can thank you properly when his case is over.

Artem: Don’t rush to reject me so soon… I have my own selfish intentions. And you will find out what it is when the time comes. (Random thought, wouldn’t it be great if the characters knew who you preferred in the game and changed their lines accordingly to make you like them instead?)

You find Marius searching for something at Seti Falls. He shares that after your last conversation he is reminded of a painting called ‘invisible object’ which depicts the scenery in Skadi Island. There was a hidden message in the painting and after deciphering it, it appears that the artist hid something at a cabin around here. If he could find it, he might get the inspiration he is looking for.


Day 5 (5.1.2022)

Today we will get to know Johann Brose better. You agree to help Johann feed the pigeons in the town square but didn’t expect to get attacked by them after the feed ran out. Such aggressive pigeons!

One of Johann’s guest had left her book at his guesthouse and he asked you to help him resolve the issue. The lady in question is missing a limited-edition book which she borrowed from the library. You calmed her down then help to retrace her steps and found the book on the floor. She is grateful for your help.

Johann requested for a bouquet of roses from Seti Falls and true enough you find a random bouquet of roses lying around the ground. You wondered how Johann knew that there would be a bouquet of flowers here and was surprised to find him at the falls itself. When you asked him about this job, he told you it is a long story and left it as a secret. What?

Marius seemed to be a good mood today as he has finally found the lesson that his teacher wanted him to learn from the painter’s treasure. In his bid to create a perfect art piece, he had forgotten that the true essence of an artwork is to convey the artist’s emotion and not his techniques. You look forward to seeing his finished work.

You last job brings you to Faerie Town. Vyn looks slightly troubled and you asked him what is the matter. He told him that his friend has provided him a suggestion on how to fulfil his wish and you encouraged him to try it out. With that he asked if you could spend the rest of your vacation with him. (Bruh… that pick a smile on my face.)

You see something new lined up outside the resident houses – shields which have been freshly painted with the Skadi Island symbols. You took some photos and thought to ask Johann what they meant. He told you that these shields were made to commemorate the brave guardians. The guardians believed that with the shield, people would not lose their way or themselves when they journey far away. He suggested that you check out the Guardian Memorial Day to learn more.

This time Johann seeks your help to find the perfect scarf gift for his girlfriend. You muse at how romantic he is.

Johann has a date with his girlfriend to Saint Faerie Church so he is unable to pick up a photo album he has ordered. You offered to help him pick it up from the custom handicraft shop and bring it to him at the church. As expected it was a gift for her. When you meet up with Johann again, you learnt that his date couldn’t make it in the end.

Now that Artem is done with his case, he asked if you would like to travel with him after you have completed the assignment with Evelyn.

With your help, Luke solves the mystery of the witch, which just happens to be an eccentric old lady who doesn’t like company. Now that the truth is revealed, she should be expecting more visitors!


Day 6 (8.1.2022)

Today we get to know Brindisi Lloyd better. She is the owner of a textile shop in Vikya and is in a fix as business has been so good she hasn’t had time to thank the faeries for their blessing. She is worried that if gratitude is not shown in time, they will take it away. You agree to help her by putting a gift in front of the faerie cottage.

Brindisi is upset that the benches in the town square are so filthy so you helped to clean it up. Not too long after you return to the town square and see that it is full of litter everywhere. Brindisi is upset about such civilised behaviour and you soon spot the culprit. With some debate skills, you convinced him to stop and clear up the mess.

Brindisi has ran out of yarn and requested your help to get some yarn from Muller’s Ranch as their wool is of top quality. You agree to help her pick up her order.

After levelling up your affection with Brindisi, she tells you that she found a lost puffin soft toy outside her shop and hopes you can help reunite toy with its owner. After searching around town, you finally find the lady who had bought the puffin toy for her daughter’s birthday. As you grow closer to Brindisi, one day she invited you to go to Saint Faerie Church to make a wish. You learn that her husband and daughter are both living in Florence so that she can have a better education. Sensing that Brindisi misses her family, you suggested she get a gift for them.

While travelling with Vyn, you visit the Night Beach and he shares with you how the sand became black. He hopes to explore more interesting places with you.

You visit Faerie Town with Artem and commented about how deeply the locals believe in the faeries. Artem says that it could be due to many strange and miraculous things that had happened in Skadi Island. When you asked him if he also believes in such supernatural matters, he replies that he has become more open minded as a miracle is happening before his eyes.

At Sakya Fjord with Luke, you complain of hunger so he suggests taking a break and eating the food he has prepared.

At Seti Falls, you tell Marius that you would like to hear the Song of the Siren. He asked if you had heard of the hearsay that an explorer and friend had heard the song and one of them disappeared thereafter. You looked disturbed after hearing this but Marius assures you that there is nothing to be afraid of because he is there with you. Even if you disappeared, he will follow through and never let you go.


Day 7 (11.1.2022)

Today we learn more about Anderson Johnson, a professor. He had forgotten to pass a manuscript to his student but is currently busy with his investigation at Seti Falls. He asked you to help pass it to her. Later, he asked you to help him buy batteries for the drone controller so that he can continue to take photos of the falls.

The professor later enlists your help to take a photo of a rainbow bridge at the falls. When he commented that your photos were really well taken, you attributed it to spending time with a friend who’s really good with the camera. Professor Johnson needed help deciphering text on a stone tablet so you offered to help him copy down the symbols from the tablet to make it easier for him. You asked him what the tablet said and he replied he would tell you about the legend of the faeries when he is done with the decoding.

One of the legends is about the abandoned aircraft wreck – when the Siren sings, this plane would fly again and take them to the end of time. What’s more according to residents who live near the falls, there been persons who have mysteriously disappeared near the falls after hearing the songs of the Siren. They think the Sirens have spirited these people away to the ‘plane’. Prof Johnson says he would look further into the legend of the Siren.

One of the leads the prof found is an eyewitness who had seen the Siren. As she is still shocked, he asked you to speak to the woman to make her more at ease. According to the eyewitness, she saw the Siren near the plane wreckage a week ago while she was trying to take photos of the rainbow bridge. She heard some otherworldly singing and saw the Siren whom she described as translucent and very beautiful. She smiled at the lady, then disappeared into the sky. She saw the Siren again three days ago at the same location.

While shopping with Luke at Vikya, he noticed that you bought many shells. You told him the shells have been blessed by the faeries and you wanted to use them to make a bracelet from good fortune, not knowing what could happen in the future. Luke tells you not to worry and that he would always protect you.

At Faerie Town with Marius, you commented at the number of tablets with strange symbols around. He told you that they were supposedly left behind by faeries and you wondered what it could mean. He told you that he would help you find out if that is your wish.

While fishing at Sakya Fjord, Artem caught a big trout. When you complimented that he is skilled at everything, he humbly replies that that’s at least one thing he hasn’t been able to do… which you’ll find out in the future. (haha, he hasn’t found the guts to tell you that he likes you).

When you told Vyn about the bouquet of roses that were always left at the Seti Falls, he tells you that those roses were intentionally placed there by a widower for his deceased wife. He had not treasured her while she was alive and only regretted his actions after she passed. Vyn tells you that he believes in cherishing everything now and leave nothing to regret.


Day 8 (13.1.2022)

Brindisi would like to make a seashell windchime for her daughter but she doesn’t have time to pick up the shells so you helped her find them at Night Beach.

Brindisi has finally put together a gift package to send to her family in Florence but she’s tied up with a customer to post the parcel at the post office. You agree to help her send the package there.

You spend the day in Vikya with Artem learning how to make dessert. It turned out more difficult than you expected and Artem tells you to count on him if it becomes too hard.

When you commented that the night scenery at Faerie Town is spectacular, Luke suggested extending your stay by another couple of days so you have more time to visit the scenic spots in town.

While trying to selfie with the falls behind you in Sakya Fjord, you bump into Marius. Seeing that you’re not doing a very good job at it, you asked Marius to help you, and he offers to take wefies with you instead.

At Seti Falls, you bump into Vyn and tells him that you’ve been trying to hunt for the ‘reverse waterfall’, i.e. to see the mist from the waterfall rise up the canyon. He asked you to close your eyes and count to 10…

Zangr is still unable to find the entrance to the faerie world and you explained that perhaps they don’t want to see him. He concluded that he is probably doomed to live a NPC life and squats down miserably and the floor in contemplation. You decide it’s best to leave him alone.


Day 9 (14.1.2022)

Today it is time to finally get to know the last resident Muller Connors. He requested your help to feed his ponies which you happily agreed to so as to have the opportunity to pet them. At Muller’s request, you went in search for the arctic foxes and took a photo of them for him. Due to some technical error, some customer orders were not recorded into the system, so Muller asked you to help find these customers on his ranch to confirm their orders.

For all your help, Muller offered to let you try shear his sheep which you took on with much gumption for two whole hours, and was rewarded with bags full of wool.

You meet Artem at Night Beach and commented at how beautiful the scenery is. He asked to take a photo of you for keepsake and you suggested just taking the scenery instead. He said it would be pointless without you in it.

At Faerie Town, Vyn shared with you about the legend of the faerie with 7 emotions. If one could obtain blessings from this faerie, he would be gifted with a potion that could cure all diseases. When you expressed disbelief in the legend, Vyn tells you that it is not the reward that matters but rather the experience and memories created in the search and offers to hunt for this faerie together with you.

You saw an arctic fox with Marius at Sakya Fjord. When you comment that the place is like a wildlife paradise and how it is so relaxing, he asked you if you’ve been under alot of stress. When you replied positive, Marius asked you to share your load with him.

Luke offered to share his waffle with you which he bought at Seti Falls. The flavour is supposedly unique to the locals.


Day 10 (15.1.2022)

Back to Prof Johnson. He asked you to conduct an interview with a person who claimed to have seen a faerie in Faerie Town. The youth claimed to have seen the faerie when he was young near his grandma’s faerie cottage. It had a pointy hat and red nose and used magic to make a cake for him.

When you next visit the professor, he excitedly points out to you the Siren at the foot of the falls and you could even hear her singing. When you accompany him to take a closer look, the ethereal being you had seen was gone. According to the professor, the Siren was supposed to go close to people to make them disappear instead of disappearing herself. He decides to call it a day to think this through.

When you told Marius that you wanted to go nearer to the seabirds but was afraid they would attack you, he offers to teach you how to get close without scaring them.

When you told Artem that you enjoy drinking the Skadi specialty coffee, he tells you that he had bought some back and offers to make them for you whenever you want.

Vyn says that he appreciates being able to spend time with you strolling around to enjoy the scenery.

You bump into Luke at Seti Falls. Seeing that you look down he asked you what’s bothering you. You had hoped to see snow near the falls but it hadn’t snowed. He suggested praying together for it to snow.


Day 11 (17.1.2022)

Hanson sought your help to take some energetic photos of him at the Night Beach so that he can send them to his daughter.

When you next catch up with Hanson he tells you that he has found a way to stop the demons returning. The wizard who had stopped them previously appeared in his dream and told him the way to do so is in a treasure box he left behind for his successor, Hanson. He will reveal the location in the next dream…

You find a drifting bottle at the Night Beach with Luke and decided to throw it back into the sea. Luke shares with you a legend about how if two people throw the bottle into the sea, the monster leaving inside it will bless them with long lasting love. (Errrr)

You meet Marius outside Vikya while admiring the meteor shower. When you commented that it was too beautiful to be captured on photo, he suggested painting it for you instead.

When you learn from Vyn that Skadi Island is home to many legends about faeries and other mythical beings, he offers to share them to you as you were eager to hear them.

As you ponder the existence of the plane wreckage at Seti Falls, Artem offers to accompany you to take a closer look and protect you from any harm.


Day 12 (18.1.2022)

You bump into Muller at Faerie Town and he sought your help to transport some buckets of paint from his ranch here. He is helping his friend and residents repaint and touch up the faerie cottages.

While at Sakya Fjord, you caught a man stealing the eggs from the nest of an Eider and finally managed to retrieved the stolen eggs and reported him to the police. Muller is grateful for your help.

When you return to Muller’s ranch he is beside himself in frustration as it turned out he has too many sheep to shear manually so he begs you to offer your help again. Doing this the second time, you realised you are more composed and could do a much better job.

When you mentioned how much you like Skadi Island, Artem suggests that both of you return here during your next vacation, just you and him.

While visiting Faerie Town with Luke, he laughs when you share with him the local legends on how to see the faeries and offers to tell you more stories that he is aware of.

After watching the sunset with Marius, he asked if you would want to watch the sunset with him everyday, everywhere in the future. Is this a subtle proposal??

You bump into Vyn at the Night Beach to catch the pink sunset. Vyn says that he would be honoured to be able to spend all beautiful moments with you too.


Day 13 (19.1.2022)

Brindisi enlists your help to buy a puffin plushie for her daughter. When you return she expresses her gratitude and you share your purpose for being in town. Knowing that you are investigating the manor, she passes you a slip of paper which was left behind by one of the previous explorers and it contained the code to unlock a treasure on level 1 of the mansion.

You invited Vyn to a hostel bonfire and thanked him for accompanying him. He looks forward to more of such experiences with you and comments that he has time to enjoy these moments with you.

You find a buried box at Sakya Fjord with Luke and this reminded you of similar boxes you buried with your wishes when both of you were small. When you asked him if his wish came true, he replied yes as you are next to him. Awww…

Marius shares with you that the reason people hang flowers before the faerie cottages is with the hope if their offerings are accepted, their wish will be fulfilled. He added that he doesn’t have to do this because you are standing right before him. Cheesy…

Artem is disappointed that it won’t be snowing while you are on Skadi Island thus missing out on the beautiful scenery at Night Beach. You thank him for the thought and that it didn’t matter. He said that as long as you are with him, both of you could create beautiful memories together.


Day 14 (20.1.2022)

Hanson tells you that he finally found out where the wizard’s treasure is but you couldn’t find it after scouring the beach. Then Hanson points out a box buried in the sand with a letter inside. As you look at the letter you noticed that the handwriting is new even though the paper is yellowed. When you confront Hanson, he admits that he wrote the letter because he was lonely and wanted someone to chat with him. You told him that you would try your best to continue sharing legends about Skadi Island with him. He thanks you for your effort and shares that the letter contains a code that could help you in your investigation of the manor.

Muller enlists your help to conduct a survey of his customers about their experience on his ranch and thanks you for your detailed records and feedback.

You went horse riding with Vyn today and the ranch keeper was very impressed with his horse riding skills. Vyn asked you if this had raised your opinion of him.

You told Marius that Seti Falls was once featured in a film and was well known as the place for end of time. He added that there was another legend about this – that if two people could reach the end of time together, they would be together forever. He asked if you wanted to go there together with him. (Another undisguised attempt at proposing to you.)

When you share with Artem that you have a fascination with old antiques as they reveal information about how cultures change over the years, he appears pensive. He comments that he doesn’t seem to know you well enough and hopes to learn more about your other hobbies and interests.

You find Luke listening intently to a conch and he tells you that he’s trying to make out the sound of the goddess blessings. According to a local legend, if he is able to hear the sound, he would be able to obtain her blessing. He wanted to pass the blessing to a person close to him so that she would live well and be with him forever. (These liners are getting cheesier!!!)


Day 15 (21.1.2022)

When you return to speak with Jolene, she shares that she has indeed seen the faeries in her dream and they told her to come play with her in the woods. When she got there, you actually find a faerie suspended in midair. Upon closer investigation, you learnt that it was left there by Jolene’s mother who didn’t have time to play with her and thanked you for entertaining Jolene. Later Jolene asked you what you were busy with and you told her about the manor. She passes you a key that will unlock a room on the second floor which she found when she at the mansion searching for faeries sometime back.

When you asked Artem how he knew so much about Sakya Fjord, he tells you it was featured in one of the movies he enjoyed watching so he did further research about it. He offers you other movie recommendations when you asked him for it.

You and Luke decided to try sand painting in Vikya Capital but Luke keeps a secret from you on what he intends to paint.

You suggested to build a sandcastle out of the black sand at Night Beach with Marius. The artist he is suggested building a grand fairy tale castle as he recalled that you like it.

You apologise to Vyn for arranging to visit the Saint Faerie Church on the wrong day when it was closed. Vyn doesn’t mind it as long as he gets to spend the day with you.


Day 16 (22.1.2022)

While strolling along Night Beach, you found a drift bottle with a message inside and you share your findings with Johann.

Johann invites you to join him for an outing carrying a box of gifts and the photo album you had helped him pick up previously. The venue is the Saint Faerie Church and he has come here today to wait for the girl of his dreams. He shares that she was actually his ex girlfriend whom he didn’t treasure when he was younger. He hopes that she will accept him now. You wait with him until the sun set and yet the lady does not show up. Johann endeavours to wait and be patient until she is ready to accept him again.

Together with Professor Johnson, you finally trace the source of the singing to a lone woman in a white dress. After speaking with her, you learnt that she’s actually a theater actress who has been practising singing here for the last few days to get inspiration for her role which is related to the Siren. After that the Professor tells you that despite this unexpected finding, he will continue on his research about the legends related to Skadi Island. He also gifts you with a yellow paper with a code on it to help you with your investigation of the manor.


Day 17 (23.1.2022)

Muller appreciates the work you did with the previous survey and has incorporated the feedback into his ranch activities. He asked you to help him conduct another survey to check if these changes improved the experience. It did. When you returned to him again, he passes you a key which a tourist found on the third floor of the manor and hopes it will help you with your investigation.

And this wraps up all the chats with the guys as well as with every local resident.

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