Tears of Themis Love Poem to Skadi event

Happy 2022! It’s hard to imagine that I’ve actually managed to keep up with the updating and almost daily logging into the game since its launch in July. To be honest, I am this close to saying, I’m not going to update for this event! Enough is enough. There barely seems to be any break time between events and I really wonder how the folks at Mihoyo can just keep generating content?!

Anyway it’s the new year, and 1 Jan is always a great time to set new year resolutions and feel hopeful about finally making it this year. For myself at a personal level, this year might just be the year that I will finally fulfil a lifelong wish of setting up my own business, and finally freeing myself from the shackles of daily grind. Yes, I want to move from being a mindless corporate worker, to actually creating something I can wake up excited to every single day. What about you? Time to think about one thing or things you’re grateful for in 2021, and what is one thing you want to do better in 2022 too.

1st January is also the launch of the new event Love Poem to Skadi, which seems to be premised on a trip to Skadi Island, which has unique geographical landmarks and a rich faerie culture (I believe it’s an island loosely based off Iceland).  

While on Skadi Island, you will work with your partner to complete town jobs which are wish lists of the residents. 10 new jobs are released every day, but you can only complete a maximum of 4 daily jobs. Completing these jobs will level up your affection with these residents and the overall reputation in town. In addition to S-chips, you will also receive event items – Lucky Fruit Tarts, Adorable Elf Keychain and Lamp Lights, which expands into various other activities you can participate in.

Using the Lamp Lights, you can venture into the Manor of Hermes, a 4-storey mansion with 50 rooms to explore and shrouded with a layer of mystery. Take turns to visit the manor with all four love interests to obtain four gemstone shards and unravel the story behind this place. Some of the rooms will need Key Items to unlock which you can only get from the residents in town, after you have raised their affection level. This sounds a bit like the Mystery of the Lost Gold gameplay.

You can use the Adorable Elf Keychain to dispute with Zangr to earn more Lucky Fruit Tarts. In case you don’t remember Zangr, you first met him on the island of Nosta, a mysterious man who believes that he is a NPC trapped in a game. Wow, really?! Adding the event limited R and SSR cards will give you a boost in the number of fruit tarts earned.

All four SSR cards are available at the Event Shadow of Themis – I certainly won’t mind cuddling with Marius while watching the aurora lights. Alas, as the events happened so fast, I haven’t managed to store up sufficient S-chips to pull these cards. Thankfully Mihoyo is thoughtful enough to give us some event-limited Tears of Themis and S-chips rewards to make about 20 pulls. I intend to plan them around Marius’ card availability based on the schedule below. Since I prefer Marius or Vyn cards, I will aim for days when they are both available to maximise my chances.  

Woohoo! I actually got Marius’ SSR within 20 pulls! Thank you Mihoyo!

May be a cartoon of 4 people and text that says 'EARS FTHEMIS January 5 A Love Poem Skadi EVENT SHADOW OFTHEMIS LIMITED SSR RATE-UP CALENDAR LUKE TWINKLING 8 18 ARTEM WANDERING VYN COLORS MARIUS AURORA ATTENTION: 2. These SSRs 1. Each section's rate-up theywillbe rotate at wn ALove P time being.'

The R cards will be easier to obtain as you can just earn them by completing character chat tasks in Scenic Travels. You will minimally walk away with 4 event R cards as a consolation.

Finally with all the Lucky Fruit Tarts you have accumulated, you can use them to complete tasks under Faerie Wishes. There are a total of six pools to clear which you have to clear in order. This is somewhat like a gacha system as the rewards are random and you will only be able to move to the next pool of rewards after getting the key reward in each pool, denoted by items with a different background. You can always grind for more Lucky Fruit Tarts by engaging in Dispute Resolutions. (You must have certainly gone off the edge since you’re now disputing with pigeons too!)

Noooooo!!! In the end despite disputing countless times with the pigeons, I made it to the last pool but didn’t have enough fruits tarts by the end of the event to pull for the free invitation. Sobs, goodbye half naked Marius. In soften the blow though, I used the free event tears to make a 10 pull and got Vyn’s SSR on the last day of the event. I guess that’s pretty good too.

After you have cleared them all, you will be rewarded with an Aurora Invitation x 1 and Event Tears x 6, amongst other rewards. Well at least all that hard work will reward us with a free invitation, where you can ogle at your love interest half-naked body as he simmers in the hot spring. Of course feel free to purchase them off the mall if you want more than one too.

Lastly, as part of this event, you can also expand your lounge furniture set with a 10-piece Faerie Gift furniture set. Unfortunately, this is one part of the event which is fully payable as they will only be given to you upon hitting certain levels of purchases in the mall. Arg! Though if you think about it as a bonus while buying S-chips to roll for the SSR, then I guess, it’s better than nothing.

For myself, I look forward to another mysterious story to reveal since the last story-based event Symphony of the Night.

Oh! In case you have missed it, there is also another ongoing event called A Faerie’s Dream where you can exchange the Delicious Acorns that drop with every debate mission for stickers aka materials to decorate your own faerie like scenery. Collecting up to 60 materials will earn you various rewards, specifically event limited tears which would be useful for pulling SSR cards. This is one of my creations.

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