Tears of Themis – Artem’s Birthday Event “Days to Relive Forever”

Artem’s birthday falls on 26th April and for those of you who are Artem stans, the spotlight is now on your partner not in crime but in law.

The event will run between 18 April till 29 April for a total of 10 days. Lucky guy, how many of us celebrate our birthdays over 10 days?! Here are a few things to look out for during this event –

Complete event tasks to obtain Heartfelt Gift and Film Festival Audience List

Use Heartfelt Gift to unlock birthday venue decorations

The recreated scene in About Time when Tim and Mary had their first date

Unlock all decorations to read birthday exclusive story

Conduct field investigations (ala debate battles) using Film Festival Audience List to progress the story. Only Artem cards can be used in these investigations and you can only conduct a maximum of 11 investigations per day. The power requirements for these battles range from 20,456 to 40,065 (higher than Luke’s apparently so I guess they are raising the bar with each birthday event). Each time you use the Film Festival Audience List, it unlocks 4 new contacts/battles on the map. Alternatively, you can wait 1hr for new contacts to appear.

Complete event tasks and birthday story for rewards

  1. R card ‘Deduction’
  2. Mesmerising invitation
  3. Commemorative badge Cherished Time
  4. Voice call on his birthday, and
  5. Tears of Themis!

Artem also has a birthday event SSR card where the artwork features him in a period costume dancing with you. Birthday exclusive Shadow of Themis has its own banner and the guaranteed count will carry over to the next birthday-limited banner. I decided to pull on the banner just to store up pity for Marius’ birthday in June and seriously did not expect to land on Artem’s SSR! What?! My pity count has reset!

18.04 – It’s that time of the year again. Artem’s birthday is approaching and you having been racking your brain to come up with the best birthday gift. After watching a movie with him which left you dissatisfied, you were heartened to learn that Artem, the sci-fi geek, actually like About Time, a time travelling romance movie. Omg! I love that show too!! So you decided that you would recreate a scene from the movie for his birthday. Alas in order to book the studio for this, you would need to volunteer at the gallery by helping them to conduct surveys of their patrons.


#1 Your first interviewee is Winnie who apparently is also a volunteer at the film festival. She shared that her favourite film is Love in the Mountain, a show about providing education for those less fortunate which resonated with her. You also discussed the quality and depth of renown movie reviewer Mockingbird’s critique and also tried to guess his identity..

#2 The second person you met is Hugh who is back from the capital with his foster parents to attend the film festival. Hugh’s favourite movie is Bond, a show about mother’s love for her child. Hugh shared that he has read reviews by Mockingbird and hope to write his own someday.

#3 The third person you surveyed is somewhat a drama queen himself. His favourite movie is Romeo and Juliet and he has not heard of Mockingbird before, too caught up in his own drama perhaps.

20.04 Using your volunteer job to conduct surveys for the film festival as an excuse, you invited Artem out one afternoon to fill a modified questionnaire which included personal questions like preferences for cake and birthday presents hoping to get ideas for his birthday celebration. You were afraid that Artem might catch on to your ruse so behaved extremely nervous throughout tea.

That evening after finishing work, Artem took out his love bible reference and read the passage on mutual admiration and wondered if your personal interest in his preferences and nervousness around him were signs of your interest in him. I literally laughed out loud. Artem is so awkward about matters of the heart that it is so cute.

#4 The fourth interviewee is a college student and she felt that the quality of the films during the festival was found lacking. She hoped that the organising committee would be more stringent in their selection in future. With regard to Movkingbird, she felt that his views tend to be more mainstream and she didn’t necessarily agree with them.

#5 The 5th interviewee is a tired looking executive who works for an advertisement company. He feels the shows are average and suggested that the committee provided more evening slots option. He prefers shows that are simple as he doesn’t have time or energy to process overly complicated movies. Regarding Mockingbird he had approached him before for an advertisement but was turned down.

#6 You interviewed a young boy who seemed smitten by your beauty. His parents brought him to the film festival so that he can watch an OVA of his favourite anime called Cosmic Warriors. He enjoyed the movie and also the exhibition that accompanied it.

22.04 In order to earn more points to exchange for a scene prop for Artem’s birthday you agreed to take part in a voice acting competition for a scene in About Time. You had invited Artem to join the competition with you and was surprised that he gamely accepted. In the midst of the competition, you realised that Artem’s teleprompter was not working but he managed to voice act his part through to the end.

You were amazed at how Artem managed to pull it off not just accurately but also with as much emotion as the actor in the movie. Artem told you that in preparation for the competition, he had watched the movie several times in order to memorise the script and also to capture the right emotions. When you commented that Artem was very similar to Tim, Artem countered that he didn’t feel quite as courageous as Tim especially in how he fought for his love. You asked Artem if there was something he needed to gather the courage for and he told you he did. (DUH!!!) Anyway as it turned out, you won the competition and got the points you needed.

#7 This is a law student who recognised you as someone who worked with Artem. He suspects that Mockingbird is Artem as their writing style is similar. His favourite movie is The Top Attorney and he hopes that the film committee introduces more movies about law in future. He also asked if he could intern at Themis and you agreed to help him ask Celestine.

#8 You interviewed a store attendant of a dessert shop. She is into the rom-com movies and particularly liked the one about travelling. She hasn’t heard of Mockingbird preferring to read reviews by Sunset. You commented about the cakes in the store and she told you she baked them with her hubby and gave you her contact should you be looking for a cake for Artem.

#9 The next interviewee is a calefare actor who takes his roles very seriously. He spend months trying to perfect various odd jobs such a courier, security guard etc. just for a 10 second appearance. His favourite movies are those that he appears in. He also follows and likes Mockingbird who has praised him for his dedication to his craft.

22.04 To secure Artem’s birthday present which was a volume of international film scripts, you participated in a film critic competition. Through you daily to-ing and fro-ing from the festival, you got to know the director of the film A Thousand Stars Rory and he invited you to tea to help you with your critique. You decided to ask Artem along to compare notes and was surprised to learn that both of them were law college mates. With Artem’s encouragement you shared your views with Rory and Artem seconds them. You were surprised that both of you share the same views and Artem adds on that he sees you as an equal. Thereafter you won the critique competition and got the prize for Artem’s gift.

#10 Captain Morgan took your next survey. He had attended the film festival as a team building event with the other cops and they watched a movie about a cop chasing down a killer, no surprises. what else. He is generally into detective shows but nothing caught his eye in particular. Though he doesn’t follow movie critics he has heard of Mockingbird as two of his readers got onto a fight over his views before. He commends the committee for excellent security during the festival.

#11 The next interviewee is a college student but still dresses like a middle school kid. She shares that she likes Nelly the critic because she gives detailed reviews about horror movies which is also her favourite genre. She feels that Mockingbird’s views are too mainstream and that rhe festival didn’t have enough horror movies.

#12 Your next interviewee is Kiki who is a super fan of Kanon Clark and has watched all his movies. She hopes that future festivals will feature more of his shows and other related events. She also follows Mockingbird and feels that he must be someone who is very serious like Artem. She hopes to meet him in person during the festival.

#13 You interviewed a relatively fierce looking man decked in gold jewellery. He tells you that he loves movies about pets because he owns several pets and cares deeply for them. He hopes to have more movies like A Dog’s Life . Turns out he wasn’t so scary afterall..

#14 The next interviewee is a film director who is upset that the festival did not include his movies. He likes horror movies and has produced one called The Ghost and the Cinema. Unfortunately it received lacklustre reviews from Mockingbird which made him really upset.

26.04 It was the day you have been preparing for. On pretext that you needed Artem help for another of your volunteering work, he accompanied you to the museum where you have already set up his birthday surprise for me. When he opened the door to the studio, you wished him happy birthday and caught him totally by surprise. (Unlike Vyn or Luke who already suspected something, Artem was really quite clueless).

As you explained the entire setup and thinking behind the scene recreated from About Time movie, the film script compilation and your personal compilation of people’s comments about Mockingbird, Artem admitted willingly that he is the well known critic which only you know the true identity of. He is very touched by your gesture and admitted that he finally realised why celebrating moments like this can be so meaningful. Instead of wishing he can go back in time to change his past, he now wants to focus on the present with you.

Happy Birthday Artem!

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