Tears of Themis Electrifying Night & other events

I haven’t been able to keep up with all the different events that took place in March because I was so caught up in setting up my new business. I did participate though, just didn’t have the time to record it down. So here’s what was missed in the line-up.

The new main story episode 6(I) was released on March 4, to much anticipation from players. We have been brought on numerous dates and overseas vacation with our NXX members, and finally we can get some actual work done. Episode 6 titled A Vicious Cycle is made up of 3-parts and will have you partner Artem to investigate the mysterious death of Naomi Anderson who supposedly died of drug overdose. However her brother feels that there is more than meets the eye in this case.

On 11 to 23 March, the Cooking Trials event was released in tandem with White Day, an occasion celebrated in Japan, China, Korea, where the recipient of gifts on Valentine’s Day returns the favour to their giver. During this event, you send Tabby out to hunt for rare ingredients so that you can pair them with normal ingredients to bake a variety of cookies which you can present to the four guys. I have to say this quest was really quite tedious as you have to guess the right combination (and didn’t help that Twisted Wonderland had a similar cooking challenge!).

Almost didn’t make it but I found all the recipes!

On 15 to 22 March, we have Marius’ Special Consultation! Thankfully this was a relatively low key event where I didn’t have to grind so hard to get his MR card. It was kind of strange that this special consultation didn’t have one, and we could only redeem his name card for slightly less effort. I would have wanted his MR card though…

A Vicious Cycle (II) was released on March 18 much to my frustration because it seemed like Hoyoverse (new name for Mihoyo) was on an adrenaline rush to push events out continuously without any consideration for its players, who are struggling to catch up. I really wonder how they get all that juice – I mean this is on the back of the release of Ayato on Genshin Impact too!

To top it all off, Electrifying Night descended on us on 25 March to 15 April. I was really taken by surprise with this event because this event was just launched on China server less than a year ago. I guess they really are trying their best to merge the calendar of both servers for better content management in the future? The mechanics of Electrifying Night event is very similar to Summer Breeze and Xmas Partyland so doesn’t need too much introduction. I’m not too sure of the context of the festival though except that it’s a celebration of street punk. You get to see the wilder side of your favourite guys on two new SSR and SR cards each. Luke with his skateboard stunts (SSR), Artem shedding his suit for basketball jersey (SR), Vyn jazzing away on an electric guitar (SSR) and Marius gracing the wall with his graffiti art (SR).

Other than the new cards, Electrifying Night event is made up of two parts. First a jigsaw puzzle game with the main objective to reward you with 300 S-chips, and the second is a Monopoly-like circuit around a street punk exhibition. By completing event quests which are reset either daily or weekly, you gain normal dice (random steps) or loaded dice (pre-fixed steps) which can be used to move around the circuit. Dice also replenishes at a rate of 1 die per hour. Without spending money, on average, one can get about 25-35 dice a day which is sufficient to complete 1-2 rounds of the circuit. Each time you complete a round, you upgrade the Performance Stage which unlocks new items you can get.

You can swap between four of the male characters at any time who reacts differently to the same encounters, providing fresh content and some insights into their personality. Here’s the most interesting one I picked out which tells much about how each of them feels about being true to their own desires.

Luke, it’s time you tell her what’s the real deal with you!
Artem, perhaps you should also reconsider your dignity when it comes to love
Vyn will always choose the life without regrets
Marius follows after his teach, but with thicker skin

Depending on the number of activities achieved while progressing around the circuit such as completing simple missions, answering trivia quizzes and landing on certain cells, you gain experience points to level up your achievements in Electrifying Reveries. You gain rewards as you increase up to a max level of 50. There are three ladder of rewards – the Free Tiered Pass and two levels of Paid Tiered Pass. The tasks that awards experience points are also reset on a daily and weekly basis as well as tasks that only be achieved once during the event. After moving a certain number of steps, a random Teleport point will materialise which which will teleport you to the Trendy Bar. Enter the bar six times to earn the Electrifying Badge.

For this event, purchasing the Tiered Pass at S$16.98 will unlock the possibility to get one interactive chibi invitation (level 30) which you can use to spruce up your home page, and up to 4 SR Artem “Winning Ball” cards (level 50). This card is not available through the Electrifying Night visions and it is unknown if it will be added to the rotational banners later. You can also top up your Tiered Pass to the highest tier for another S$5, to get 1500 EXP boost, 100 S-chips and 2 Tears of Themis in addition to the above. Either way, for F2P players, you can get one of this card as long as you reach level 30 on the Free Tiered Pass route before end of event. Though I was relatively intermittent in my participation of this event, I still managed to hit level 44.

You also gain Wishing Coins while moving around the circuit when you land on the wealth cells. It is easy to rack up thousands of Wishing Coins which you can use to exchange them for upgrading materials. Personally I would go for the Selection Star SR first which can be used to increase the star of any of SR cards – a convenient feature as it allows you to upgrade those cards without waiting till you roll a repeat SR card.

Then on 30 March, the new Late Spring Garden furniture set was made available and I had to literally grind my way through all the raw materials missions and complete the 10-piece furniture set in order to get Spring Steps badge. I was completed drained by all the March activities by this stage and I really wonder how long more I can keep up in order to not miss a single badge. Arg! The OCD in me refuses to let me give in.

Lastly on 6 to 16 April, we had the mini puzzle event called Sweet Afternoon Tea where you solve mini puzzles to get S-chip prizes. The puzzles were actually quite a challenge this time round, having to move around pieces on the board in a certain way to form the picture.

And in the midst of all this, on Apr 6, we were informed quite unceremoniously that Mr Love Dream Date was shutting its servers for good. We were told that we could migrate to the global server under Mr Love Queen’s Choice with whatever gems we have left but we would lose all our progress and our cards that we’ve spent blood, sweat and tears to accumulate! I cannot believe how badly managed this whole thing is… and yet I will probably continue on on MLQC. That is how powerful Lucien is! If I didn’t like Lucien so much, I would have given up on the game after committing this atrocity on its players.

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