Hi my name is Rogue – that’s not my real name obviously. I ‘stole’ it from my favorite X-Men character of the same name. To me Rogue is the epitome of ‘with power, comes responsibility’ mantra. She is able to absorb any mutant’s power but at the expense of the mutant she touches.

This means she can become the most powerful mutant if she chooses but also sadly the loneliest because she cannot kiss the man she loves, Gambit, without killing him. Their love story is so poignant. Being powerful can be both a blessing or a curse. I identify deeply with this character and have made her my alter-ego.

I am a very Do-It-Yourself kind of person so as much as something interests me, I will attempt to make it happen within my own means even if it means taking lessons, surfing the web for information or borrowing books from the library.

Here are my personal credentials –

Graduated from local university with degree in Accountancy, hence the affinity with numbers and all.

Worked 3 years as an independent financial adviser, hence the continual desire to stretch the dollar and make my money work

Worked 4 years in a bank as a fund accountant, hence the knowledge of the financial markets and acute problem solving skills

Worked 8.5 years as a public servant in an outreach role hence the tendency to educate in every blog I write

Have spent last 2.5 years in a fintech startup and trying to make a difference in the financial futures of people, one life at a time.

Mother to four beautiful children, hence the many motherhood stress and sentiments

Traveled independently since 2004 to Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam, France, Italy, Bali, Thailand, Australia, India, Korea, China and South Africa.

Created and maintained a website since 2009

Bought my first (and counting?) investment property in 2012. Added two more in 2019.

Registered a children’s book business in 2012 which is currently in dormant state

Gradually evolving into a self-professed otaku obsessed with Pokemon, otome games and anime figure collection

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