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Singapore is a very easy country to get around as it is small in area and also possesses excellent transportation networks (some would beg to differ though if you’re attempting public transport at peak hours). Nonetheless it is quite impossible to get lost.What I want to cover here is rather a form of transport that is not so well known for the average traveller to Singapore – cycling.

Come 2015, the National Parks Board would have completed a 300km round the island park connector that will link various neighbourhood parks across Singapore. Parts of this route are already operational, the longest being the 42km Eastern Coastal Park Connector (ECPCN). On October 25, 2009, the 23km Western Adventure PCN was launched.

These park connectors run through the major residential areas in Singapore with varying difficulties and length to cater to all levels of exercise regimes. For me and my trusty ‘mother-child’ bicycle, they are the perfect complement for exploring other neighborhoods safely and to eventually introduce them to my children as well.

Well-maintained tracks great for exercising and commuting between estates

The paths are mostly well lit and route maps are put up at the either ends of the connectors. Where there is a short break between connectors, the pavements are usually marked with PCN to direct users on the right track. The routes are also well served by pit stops where you can buy drinks or rent bicycles and roller blades if you don’t have your own.

For travellers who want a refreshing approach to exploring our island, I would recommend taking on the Park Connector Networks which will open your eyes to a different Singapore and keep you fit at the same time.

The Eastern Coastal PCN

This is my personal experience on the ECPCN although I didn’t complete the whole 42km, only about 30km of it.

Click on the map icons to find out more about the route.

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  1. From Simei MRT Station, cross Simei St 3 at the traffic light.
  2. Simei PCN starts here for about 2km passing through quiet landed property, ITE College East and the Singapore Expo.
  3. After passing the NEWater Visitor Centre, cross the canal aka Sungei Bedok and turn left into the Bedok PCN.
  4. This stretches for 4km behind the landed property of Old Bedok Road and out to Upper East Coast Road.
  5. Turn left into the small road after passing Bedok Camp and head straight till you hit the East Coast Expressway.
  6. Follow the relatively deserted path flanking ECP behind Laguna National Golf Course.
  7. The underpass marks the end of the Bedok PCN. Dismount and carry your bike down and up the stairs to arrive at the eastern end of East Coast Park.
  8. From here, head left towards Changi or right towards the city.
  9. Head left pass the National Sailing Centre and Safra Country Club for about 2km towards the Coastal PCN.
  10. The Coastal PCN starts at a small canal crossing. The first 2km follows a stretch of undisturbed beach after which the path veers left following Changi Coast Road and the airport for another 8km.
  11. Enter Changi Beach Park shortly after Changi Ferry Terminal. The park stretches about 3.5km along the beach.
  12. Before reaching the end of the park, turn left and cross at a small white bridge into Changi Village.
  13. At this point, choose to take either the Changi PCN or the Changi Point PCN.
  14. Changi Point PCN is a 1km detour along the sea front. It begins at the Changi Point Ferry Terminal and joins the Changi PCN at Changi Sailing Club.
  15. The start of the 2.5km Changi PCN is a bit hard to locate. Head uphill towards Netheravon Road, following it till it meets Cranwell Road at a junction.
  16. From Cranwell Road, follow the path to Loyang Avenue where the last leg Loyang PCN begins.
  17. Loyang PCN follows the busy industrial road Loyang Avenue for 4km and ends once it reaches Pasir Ris Drive 3.
  18. Continue on the Pasir Ris PCN through the residential estate to Pasir Ris Park or stop for a break at Loyang Point.

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