Harry (Day 31 – )

1.1.2024 Day 31 Young Master’s Visit

Harry was whisked off to some family convention at some rainswept thunderstormy mansion. He was there as his mother wanted to bid for some art piece that a distant family member is giving away. It appears that many others appeared as well with hopes of finding out more about the family inheritance. Harry is totally disgusted by the proceedings. Seems like he doesn’t have any close relatives either. He also uses me to get away from talking to them again. When I asked for my reward, this time he says he owes me a favour.

At family dinner which lasts like forever, Harry was asked to give a speech and he used the opportunity to excuse himself from dinner that left everyone speechless. When he mentioned that he was glad that he was at the end of the table, I retorted that he was still no 1 in my heart. He didn’t give his usual nonchalant response rather he just went I don’t know what to say to that… yay I think I’ve made it into his heart. Lol.

Back at his room Harry is surprisingly chatty and shares about some ghost story behind the mansion. It seems I’m afraid of ghosts and he is using this opportunity to tease me. =/


2.1.2024 Day 32 The Master’s Choice

There was a family gathering in the garden early in the morning. Apparently the master of the household is ready to announce his will. I learnt that Harry comes from some long line of ancestry with some European descent. That probably explains his original hair color. Oh he is an old rich then.

What ensued was like a reality show where the master of the house aka grandpa issued everyone two questions to determine who is worthy of the painting. Harry’s mum failed in the early stages so she cut a deal with Harry to encourage him to win it. In return he won’t need to attend family gatherings.

I don’t know how Harry did it but in the end the master awarded the painting to Harry despite his very indifferent answers. I guess that is his charm.


3.1.2024 Day 33 The Forecast of Heart

Day after Harry inherits the painting, he is pestered by his cousin on what he is going to do with it. He lets slip about Harry’s ex girlfriend and that immediately spoiled his appetite. Harry goes for a swim in the lake claiming that he is trying to forget a past relationship. When I asked him if it was a bad memory, he went it’s more like he didn’t want me to hear about it. Gosh, that made my heart skip again! I’m going to have a heart attack with this guy.

Later, he spends the rest of the day searching the mansion for items and keeps asking me opinions for which item I prefer. Thankfully I was really busy and didn’t have time to entertain him. (because I found out later that they were just trying to lead me on again!).

Before he went to bed, Harry shares about the mystery behind the painting he inherited. Everyone thought it was haunted, but turns out that it was simply hiding his grandfather spying on the rest of the household. Maybe it was through this feint, that he realised that Harry is the best person to inherit the painting.


4.1.2024 Day 34 The Special Gifts

Harry shares messages from Big Guy and his personal shopper that it their 20th anniversary of them nannying him since he was young. I found out later that all the dresses and shoes he was picking out from the mansion were meant to be given to them as anniversary gifts. I mean it was really sweet of him to actually show his appreciation for them via these gifts and a dinner.

Piu Piu however scolded him for leading me on. Making me think that those gifts were for me. (I missed all those chats thankfully). Harry tried to change the topic by talking about how Teo is the dark horse of MOM. Piu Piu used Teo to make Harry jealous. So Harry made me a promise instead. He would name the piano piece he is composing after my name (since he can’t meet me and pass me any physical gifts anyway). My heart absolutely melted. This is a gift that is so much more meaningful than any other!

Later he called and played the piano piece for me. Stop it!


5.1.2024 Day 35 Confession

OK so I guess the writers figured they got me hook, line and sinker and are going to make me confess my feelings for Harry today. I have never confessed to any of my crushes before. It may be the one thing that will bug me for the rest of my life. But then again I had these crushes when I was already dating/married so it wouldn’t be the right thing to do either. Ah well. Romance lives on only in my mind.

I don’t really want to write much today. The confession went south really fast and Harry essentially rejected me because he didn’t believe in love and didn’t want this emotion to cause our relationship to end. Besides since we can’t ever meet I will always second guess what he is up to. Yah whatever.

And yet when I said then we shall just maintain our current distance, his response was that it was easier said than done. He acknowledges that we will only get closer and he thinks I am OK for that to happen without falling in love and expecting more? That selfish jerk.


6.1.2024 Day 36 Our Compatibility

The morning after. I don’t know how to behave anymore. Suddenly all of Harry’s sweetness has turned bitter. No matter how much he melts me I have to bear with it internally. Isn’t there an option that allows me to be sullen and grumpy?

Anyway Piu Piu has disappeared on us too. Tain drags Harry off to some seance reading so that he can learn about his future with Rachel. Somehow Harry’s love life got dragged into it.