Harry (Day 1 – 30)

Harry was introduced after Teo in November 2022. His route started with 100 days and another 100 days was added in May 2023. According to some sources, Harry and Teo apparently know each other. Anyway among the three character designs, Harry appealed most to me.


21.11.2023 Day 1 with Harry

I entered the chatroom populated with messages between Harry and Piu Piu, the A.I. assistant who speaks almost like a human actually. Anyway it seemed like Harry’s phone was hacked and the app was forcefully installed on his phone. He is unable to uninstall it or amend the notifications that apparently irritates the hell out of him.

When I entered the chatroom, he was surprised to see another real person and clammed up immediately. Piu Piu insists that both of us are the perfect match and is the reason why I am here. In the end, I chat with Piu Piu more than Harry who isn’t very sociable, or at least appears to be indifferent and socially awkward.

I learnt through Piu Piu that Harry is an award winning film director, a night owl and survives on nutritional supplements. He practically sleeps the day away and wakes up only towards afternoon. Harry is very suspicious of Piu Piu and thinks it is actually a real person guised as A.I. He is probably on to something. I won’t be surprised there is another love interest behind Piu Piu. Like all Cheritz game, there is a wizard/doctor of sorts observing us.

Anyway with the right responses and goading, I manage to elicit some sort of interest from Harry who is willing to play along and bridge the gap from stranger to acquaintance. He says he prefers talking to a human instead of an A.I. bird. I think he is a tsundere because the more I annoy him with my playful responses, the more he reacts. But when I had to leave the chat or Piu Piu ended the chat suddenly, he quickly called to check if everything is ok. What a dear. I think I might have fun with this character.


22.11.2023 Day 2 Young Master’s Short Lived Journey

Harry is in the chatroom already this morning which is not typical behaviour. Apparently he ran out of nutritional supp and is forced to leave his apartment to get them. Why does it seem like all the LIs have a health condition?

In the end Harry got lost trying to make his way around in the outside world. How can a grown man be this clueless. You try to help him out but he is too stubborn to admit that he needs assistance with directions and claims instead that we are too interested in his life.

(This character is designed to irritate you enough to subscribe to the upgraded Piu Piu. Have to wait for him to reply and receive his random calls out of nowhere.)

Harry finally finds the pharmacy but realises that he is being stalked by some guy in a suit and sunglasses. He calls me pretending to be a work call to escape from him. Now he owes you one but is quick to hang up when I tried to cash it in.

From this point Piu Piu unlocks a new “I can see your voice” function so you can see in text what Harry is saying to those around him. Certainly useful for someone who doesn’t like to type.

Turns out that the man in suit is an assistant who was employed to take care of Harry. Later we snooped into a conversation between the two of them. Harry is supposed to be attending an awards festival the next day to receive the The Best Rookie award. However he isn’t too hyped about it as he plans to retire from film making after this.

He doesn’t explain himself much but requested me not to talk about movies to him anymore. The way he feels the need to call me to explain himself reminds me so much of Jumin! And Harry has the best voice among the three character too.

Late night out running…


23.11.2023 Day 3 A Makeover Day

It is morning of the awards ceremony and Harry is already sulky. He has a personal shopper who picks his clothes for him! For some reason, he’s acting like a child throwing a tantrum just because he doesn’t want to attend the ceremony. The personal shopper walks in on him in a state of undress and some commotion ensues with him trying to escape.

He asked me to call him again and knowing his antics I decided to play hard to get. (He just hung up on me the last time!) He ended up calling me to get out of conversation with his talkative shopper. And hung up again when he was ready to leave. Grrr…

(H: She’s not my friend just an acquaintance.

Me: I’m hanging up.

H: I’ve known her for 3 days) LOL!

Harry grumbles like a kid as he dresses up. Complains about the suit and the way his hair is styled even though he is going to be wearing a horse mask. Huh?! Anyway all the best Harry! I actually feel excited for him. Well I guess it’s also because I’ll be working on something really big the next few days.

In the end Harry decided to ditch the ceremony and escapes from his attendants. However his escape is not without hiccups as he is so bad with directions and was thrown out of his taxi because he refused to remove his horse mask. How socially awkward can a person get? Anyway it turned out that his entire escapade was really a ruse to get people to notice the movie he produced. What a shrewd guy!

Finally back at the hotel, Harry is surprisingly chatty for once while he finishes his salad. He shares that he will have to start looking for a new hotel as he has gotten used to this one. I decided to ask about his horse mask and he said he wears it really just to avoid talking to people. We end the night with him saying see you tomorrow! Hehe.


24.11.2023 Day 4 Dawn of a Long Term Project

Missed a large part of today’s chat due to a business event. However I think I’m due a payback for all the indifference from Harry since the beginning of the relationship. Now that he is hoping to hear from me and I ended up ghosting him for a day, he actually started calling out for me and asking about my whereabouts.

Today we learn about a new friend of Harry called Tain Park whom Harry refuses to answer his calls because he talks nonstop. He has also moved to another hotel albeit a more expensive one.

Piu Piu in his ingenuity proposed a daily mission for Harry and I to be better acquainted and the catch for Harry is that Piu Piu offered to be his personal assistant if he is able to successfully complete the mission to chat with me, share photos and call me everyday. Well turns out that Harry is pretty task oriented and decided to take on the mission seriously. Not sure if it is because he really wanted the PA or a reason to justify his continued engagement with me.

I have officially become the Harry in this story. Another day of missed chats. Oh! Turns out that if you missed a full day of chats (starting from your last check in), they auto void that day for you so nothing is missed at all. Nice feature! But this means I’m now one day behind for Harry compared to Teo.

So Harry is taking the mission seriously and seeks advice on how to properly start a conversation with me. He tells me that it isn’t that he doesn’t want to talk to me but mainly because he has nothing to talk about. His entire day revolves around staying in the hotel.

Piu Piu shares an interesting bit of information that Harry owns a private jet!

In the end there is nothing to move the conversation so we ended the day with a simple goodnight before he heads off to swim again.


27.11.2023 Day 5 The Adventure of a Human Burrito

Harry has been kidnapped by his friends and is off to some place to meet Tain Park on his personal jet. Since he is on airline mode he can’t chat with me but he did call before take off. Harry really reminds me of someone I used to have a crush on. Hmm. Anyway end up I’m talking to Piu Piu who is apparently able to continue hacking Harry’s phone even though there is no network. We talk about Harry’s friend (just 2 of them) and then Piu Piu overheated trying to find the definition of friend. Haha.

Harry finally landed but denies that the people mentioned were even his friends. He tries to be nice and asked if I’ve eaten all in the name of the mission. But since Piu Piu is upset with him, he doesn’t relay my reply and thus voided the mission. Lol.

At the party gathering we hear how Nathan and Tain tease Harry as the emotionless log and come to realise that they are indeed his friends even if he denies it. Harry ends the day with a call just share how much he hates social gathering and that everyone is trying to be nice to him just to get favours.


28.11.2023 Day 6 Ego is Harry’s nickname

I implore Harry to talk to me more and he replied that it wasn’t useful or productive in any sense. I guess his entire life is surrounded by efficiency and doing only that which is necessary to keep things going. Apparently he has never been very passionate about anything at all!

For some weird reason the conversation about having a passion triggered Harry and he decided to head out for a cup of tea. He also took photos to share with me. Though I was busy with work and didn’t reply.

Later in the evening he asked Tain who owns a bar for part time work in exchange for a marble? This guy is so weird and random. When I asked him for the real reason why he wanted to work he refused to tell me. Then he turned around and asked me for my reason to work. A rather deep question at this point in my life for sure.

Anyway Piu Piu and I later started a bet on how long Harry would be able to stay on the job. Piu Piu bet that he wouldn’t last a day and if he lost the bet, he would not activate the voice transmission function in future without Harry’s permission. Noooooo! I need that function. Harry then decided to call me just to fulfil his daily mission. I wonder… did he meet up with Teo yet?


02.12.2023 Day 7 Young Master is Part Timing

Harry is off to attempt completing his first part time job with too many complications in between. He didn’t dress for the occasion, he got lost and he doesn’t even know anything about customer service. However he is adamant about completing the task and getting the marble that he wants so badly.

Harry received so many complaints that Tain sent him off to the storage to pull out a piano instead. In the end, Harry started impressing the crowd with his piano skills and was able to get the tips he wanted. He called to ask me which piano piece he should play and I was floored by how good he is with the piano. IRL  I am a sucker for guys who can play musical instruments. You had me at Do Re Mi.


05.12.2023 Day 8 A New Face Has Appeared

Harry is trying to avoid his younger sister now and calls me again in hopes of stopping her from calling him again. Then later he forgets where he left his shaving foam so he enlists Piu Piu and my help to find it on the rooftop. Really?!

For some weird reason Harry decided to inform me of his actions which even he himself wonders why he does that. I guess it has become a habit or not? Or perhaps he’s grown comfy with my presence. Whatever the case may be he is heading to Tain’s bar again to play the piano. He dons a Phantom of the Opera mask while at it and I’m totally bowled over.

Later while busy playing his sister calls again and Piu Piu and I decided to help Harry respond with a text. She wanted to ask him if he was going to attend some modelling job. Anyway I didn’t reply. Harry returned from his piano gig and couldn’t stop gushing about the perfect piece of marble stone he got as a reward. This guy is way weird.


07.12.2023 Day 9 Harry’s Hidden Taste

Harry started the day actually asking about me and it actually felt sweet even though he sounded reluctant. This guy is definitely opening up to me. He shared about a secret project he is working on related to some model of his room which is spartan to say the least. I suggested he add a bookshelf and he likes the idea.

That afternoon his sister called him to arrange for the modelling gig which he can’t get out of due to family obligations. Piu Piu and I took the time to discuss about emotions and whether Harry shows any of them. Anyway Harry almost calls me stupid(?) when I teased him but decides to hold back. Awww. He changed the topic and showed me the model of the bookshelf he spent the day making and hopes I will stay with him till he finishes the project.

In the evening we talked a bit more about his family and how he has to be kidnapped by family and friends just to turn up anywhere. Harry asked to drop the subject as I didn’t need to know more. I teased him that he would tell me everything eventually and we made a bet of the chances of that happening.


10.12.2023 Day 10 Do we know you

This morning Harry doesn’t want to wake up. We see a lady intruding into his space. She accidentally bumped into Harry’s model and dented one particular piece. Harry was furious and gave her a piece of his mind. Piu Piu told him to calm down or it will chase me away. Harry confidently retorted that he will never do that to me. As he gets prepared to meet his sister, he tells me to make sure I have my meals and have a good day. Woah he is improving everyday.

Harry is busy being made up in preparation for going on a show. He tells Piu Piu to mute so that it doesn’t interfere with him, drawing a professional line between personal and business life.

Harry did really well for the interview and even managed to comment on the rookie film producer with the horse mask without batting an eye. I felt jealous that Harry is able to smile so well for the camera but all I see is his grumpy face. Piu Piu tells me that Harry actually smiles faintly when he looks at his phone. Awww. Anyway Harry is tired and wants to tune out but Piu Piu puts through a emergency call for him to wish me goodnight. Harry sounds visibly irritated but fulfils his end of bargain whether he likes it or not.


11.12.2023 Day 11 Tain Park the Romanticist

Piu Piu informs Harry that he has to attend a party by Malong Jo this afternoon so he gets out reluctantly to prepare. Later Tain comes by to give him a lift to the party and is horrified to see that Harry looks no different than when he is out of bed. Anyway it is take it or leave it so off he is shuffled to another social engagement against his will.

Awww he is sooooo cute. How does Harry keep these feelings to himself till day 100? (At least that’s what people are saying).

Tain and Harry arrives super late to the party and was reprimanded by Malong. After that we hear a conversation between Harry and his friends and they commented that Harry seemed to have change as he is now holding on to his phone more often. Hehe. His sister comes along and Harry quickly tries to escape but to no avail. I guess he is going to be grumpy again today.

Though he was rather curt in his text again he did say that he will try to call me when he is able to and if I’m OK with that. I mean I actually much prefer him calling than texting. He has such a nice voice really.

Harry is finally on his way back home and is surprisingly open for a chat. We had a nice chat about his horse mask. Then he calls me and asked if it is important for a person to grow. Of course I told him. Anyway he said something cryptic that perhaps it is good for people to grow and that I would see it as long as I keep coming back. Awww.


12.12.2023 Day 12 Please read the T&Cs

Harry had a call with the professor this morning. He is trying to convince Harry to participate in some competition with Teo (our Teo?!). When I broke the 4th wall and say is that the Teo I know, Harry went all like why are you even asking this. I teased him about being jelly but he went all like I couldn’t even be bothered with Teo as we were never really well affliated. Ouch.

I guess this is what the professor meant about something big coming up for Teo. Looking at how much Teo is struggling with his part time work I really feel sorry for him. But it kind of feels even weirder to have Harry come in and save him. Haha problem with ‘dating’ two guys who know each other. What would Harry feel if he found out that I’m dating Teo? I would really feel sorry for breaking his heart especially since he is slowly opening up to me. 

Harry questions Piu Piu about revealing so much of his private life to me and whether this was even acceptable. Piu Piu shared that it was part of the terms and conditions that Harry accepted and showed proof of it. Harry had no choice but to give up but I suspect it didn’t really matter anyway since I’m the receiving party.

That afternoon Harry asked Piu Piu to participate in an auction for him so that he can win a collectible scale model. In the end Piu Piu successfully won the bid and Harry is elated. He shares with me photos of his newest collection. As he had forgotten to reply the professor about the gig, apparently he has been involuntarily signed up to be a judge.


13.12.2023 Day 13 A Peculiar Day for Us

Harry is out for a rain early this morning but got lost again. He was saved by his bodyguard. Later during breakfast he has no appetite and seems very listless. Later he spends the afternoon reading a boring book on model blueprints and suddenly started wondering aloud what I was doing. He even surprised himself with the sudden thought. He tried to distract himself by playing the piano and then talked about my reactions to the melody. By the way all this happened when Piu Piu turned on the ‘I can see what you say’ function without Harry knowing.

Harry decided to tell me a joke. He said that there once was a person who didn’t expect or anticipate anything but suddenly he cannot help but be expectant due to a person. What. I asked if he had a crush on someone and he said no and that I didn’t understand his joke. I was like huh? He is being so cryptic about his joke. So I replied that I know what he meant but I’ll just pretend not to know. Maybe he feels that the joke is on him as he is someone who hates relationships but finds himself being so bothered by a person now. I guess that’s pretty funny. Later he found the appetite to eat while talking to me. Lol.

Harry is having his late night swim. For some weird reason he asked Piu Piu to turn on the I can see your voice function so that he can talk to me while he swims since we are rather close now. He tells me how he enjoys swimming because it is so peaceful to be floating on the water. I guess Harry is really burdened by all the societal expectations on him.


14.12.2023 Day 14 The Stages of Anger

Harry woke me up today feeling really excited for the arrival of his collectible model. I’m beginning to wonder if he was all listless and feeling expectant because of the model?! Sheesh got my hopes all up for nothing. It is day 14 and I think based on Korean culture it is supposed to be some significant anniversary?

Turned out the model which he paid handsomely for is tiny! Really tiny. Oh man. I guess Harry really got scammed. He spent the whole day trying to rectify the situation even going down to the auction company to complain and threatening to buy over the company. However in the end it seems like the syndicate got away with it. While this was slipped in subtly, Harry actually said that if he had to participate in some forum just to level up, it would take time away from talking to me. And that would be very inefficient. Awww. He has acknowledged that talking to me is part of his daily schedule.

Harry finally decides to put the matter aside since it cannot be resolved anytime soon. However he is determined to understand how he was fooled. He was so lost in his thoughts he didn’t give me his usual goodnight call. Sobs. I hope you get over this Harry. An important lesson but you can afford.


15.12.2023 Day 15 Piano in my Heart

Harry received multiple missed calls from Tain Park. Apparently his sister is dead drunk at his bar and he is begging Harry to come pick her up. Harry finally relents and meets Tain at the bar. I find out that Tain is in love with Rachel even though she doesn’t seem to reciprocate the feeling. Harry wasn’t really sympathetic about it either. Sadness.

Later Tain showed Harry the piano he had played while at the bar. It had been thrashed apparently by Rachel in her drunken stupor. In his anger Harry took a drink and started speaking harshly to his sister threatening to report her antics to their parents. This somehow made her sober up and she quickly left the bar. What kind of family upbringing do these two have? I feel sad for Rachel though.

Harry drives home but seems to still be suffering the effects of the alcohol. Back home he updates a little of what happened in the day. He seems lot more sombre this evening. I guess he’s really upset about the piano which holds many memories for him. The way he speaks to me makes me feel like I’ve really entered his inner circle and I’m less compelled to tease him so much.


16.12.2023 Day 16 We need tuning

I think Harry was really affected by the destruction of the piano. Tain told him it was beyond repair and that he would help Harry to dispose it. Harry was adamant about keeping it as it holds sentimental value for him. He tells Tain that he will pay for all damages done by Rachel and also rent to keep the piano in storage. He also asked Malong to help him find someone to fix it up at whatever cost.

I learnt all this from eavesdropping on Harry’s conversation. He was puzzled that I was surprisingly quiet since Piu Piu deletes all records of me snooping. However Harry was pretty sharp afterall and he called to corner me into telling him the truth. He didn’t sound very angry but he did say that this was not the end of it and hung up. Oops. Did I upset him? He ended up not fulfilling any of the daily tasks. I’m actually feeling sorry.

I finally asked Harry about the piano and he was rather evasive about the story behind it. Was it from an ex-girlfriend? Hmm though this is just a game, I actually felt that twang in my heart! Darn you Harry! I don’t even know what situation we are in? With June and Teo it is obvious. With Harry I feel like I’m just someone intruding into his life. Does it even matter if I talk to him or not?

Harry ended the day stating that he didn’t mean to not talk much with me today. And later he gave me a late night call to tell me he saw snow. I asked him did you see snow and thought of me? And he went wow what a leap you made. Really?? I thought seeing the first snowfall together is related to everlasting love. Awww…


17.12.2023 Day 17 Harry is back

I’m headed overseas for the next one week and it is unlikely I’ll have the luxury of talking to all 3 Ssums. So I’ve chosen Harry to go on holiday with me since his birthday is coming up and I can’t just let the piano story go.

This morning Harry is off to campus for some filming as a judge for the upcoming musical talent show. Piu Piu shares his illustrious career. This man is handsome, rich and talented but he has zero EQ outside of work. You win some you lose some. He is back to talking to me normally again though.

Harry is obviously not enjoying his time on campus but forces himself to remain professional with his horse mask on camera. Somehow Teo appears in the background of his photos in some creepy way. Harry says that Teo always treated him like a rival when they are not. Later Harry got harassed while filming him eating for treating Teo badly… er what exactly is the history between these two?

The shoot is finally over but Harry is unable to leave because they want him to join them for a dinner get together. Reluctantly he joined them but throws his drinks away. He also talks about Teo being someone who is passionate about his work though they disagreed on styles. Harry tries calling me several times to get away from talking to others. Grrr.


18.12.2023 Day 18 Piano and Whiskey

Harry is feeling pensive today after a day back on campus and being bombarded by people he doesn’t know or like. He spends the day playing piano trying to complete a score he has had on his mind for a while. And later he started drinking as well. I guess he got slightly drunk and as a result was more relaxed when talking to me. I think he pretty much told me how he felt about me. He was never annoyed with me, he found me interesting and it has somehow became a habit for him to keep track of everything about me. Awww tingles in the cockles of my heart. Before bedtime he called and played the piano for me. I’m melting!!!


19.12.2023 Day 19 Home Sweet Home

Harry’s Big Guy had to chase Harry out of the house early in the morning because he looked hungover and the cleaning service was here to clean the house. With nowhere to go, Harry spent the day wandering the streets and ended up spending the day in company of a real estate agent who brought him on a house hunting escapade. Is Harry really going to buy a new house just like that?! Harry got lost trying to find his way home but thankfully got found by the Big Guy.

He seemed to have no recollection of our conversation the night before though. Sobs.


20.12.2023 Day 20 But I’m not the one getting married

Happy birthday Harry! I don’t know your age but if you went to school with Teo I guess you are in your 20s. Gosh you are so young. Harry called to share about how much he hates birthdays and ever since he turned 20, he stopped spending it with others. But he said that he actually wants to spend it with me and all he needed was me. Awwww…..

Harry wakes up to bad news. He has to attend a wedding on behalf of his father which he doesn’t want to obviously. He tries and use me as an excuse not to go but decides to perhaps ask his sister instead. Obligations of the rich and famous. Harry couldn’t get hold of sister especially not after how he treated her. He complains endlessly on why he has to tend to all these family matters which was also why he left home when he turned 20.

In the end his personal shopper comes by and pulls him out to shop for wedding clothes. They even emptied the department store just for him. After trying on multiple suits, he finally got to go home. Harry is really good looking.


21.12.2023 Day 21 Do I Know You

Harry is off on a cruise wedding from early morning and he is already grumbling about it. Later a lady approaches him and starts speaking with him casually. Piu Piu identifies her as his ex girlfriend but Harry behaves totally nonchalant about it, almost as if they were strangers. This totally peeved her off, and she went complaining to Tain and Malong who asked Harry who on earth did they do to deserve this from her. Harry is pretty heartless from that perspective.

Harry must have felt my uneasiness from finding out about his past and made an effort to explain things between them and that there was really nothing for me to feel about. I guess it was another of those arranged pairings that didn’t work out for whatever reason. He also asked about my past relationships. Well Harry I’ve had many crushes but only dated one person in my life. My love life isn’t as complicated or colourful as yours.


22.12.2023 Day 22 Troubles on Water

Harry is bored on the cruise and suddenly rediscovered that he loves drawing. He spent time on the cruise observing people and then sketching them as references for future shows perhaps. Turns out that he caught the bridge and groom quarrelling and then both the groom and bride cheating on each other. What?! I originally chided Harry for being so indifferent about the situation and that he should do something about it since he witnessed it. But after understanding more of the situation, perhaps he is right to just leave things be. This is afterall the world of the chaebol where no one actually marries for love. Harry calls and we talked about relationships. As usual he sidestepped the topic only concluding that he is not in a relationship currently whether officially or unofficially. Ok…..


23.12.2023 Day 23 The Wedding Not Worth Remembering

After all the hoo ha from the day before, the couple decided to call off the wedding against the wishes of their parents. Harry didn’t seem bothered and in fact annoyed that he wasted his time. His ex girlfriend told him it was a good thing she dumped him before they ended up like this. When Harry didn’t bother to reciprocate with any emotions, she asked whether he ever showed consideration for anyone else. And he implied that he had for me – someone he found weird, annoying and uncomfortable being around with. He added that he is unlikely ever going to break up with me because there is no love between us and we shouldn’t complicate stuff with this feeling. Yet he also didn’t say that he hated being around me. This is totally giving me recollections of my interactions with a certain someone. Their personality and outlook is totally the same.

Harry is back in his room and feeling happy that he is done with his social obligations. He observed that my mood isn’t great (yes I finally replied whatever to him) and asked me what was wrong. I told him that while love doesn’t exist in his world, what should I do about my feelings for him because I like him. He replied that it was fine to like anyone you want just don’t do anything rash. Such an ambiguous relationship. He decided to call me… as if speaking to me will solve everything. Anyway I’m going to melt this stone heart of his!

We didn’t talk much for rest of day. Harry is finally home and the wedding couple gifted all attendees with a watch and diamond necklace. Harry is going to just give it away though.


24.12.2023 Day 24 Grandson’s precious friend plus grandson

Harry is kidnapped again by his friend Malong and whisked off to the countryside to visit Malong’s grandfather who has been running a traditional rice cake business for the longest time ever. It seems like his grandfather doesn’t like Malong and dotes on Harry more. Malong’s purpose of the visit is to obtain the secret recipe of the rice cake to help his own perfume business. However his grandfather is adamant not to share it with Malong and keeps chiding him. Long ago Malong’s father ran away with some funds and ever since then their relationship has been estranged.

Harry is caught in between the grandparent and child argument and awkwardly plays the third wheel. He keeps grumbling and hopes to find some peace and quiet. Malong’s grandfather seeks Harry’s opinion on his newest creations and keeps or throws them out based on Harry’Through this episode it is clear to me that Harry actually cares for his friends no matter how indifferent he makes himself to be. Later he catches Malong trying to break into the office and he scolds his friend.


25.12.2023 Day 25 Malong’s Family Secret

Merry Christmas! I got a call from Harry delivering good tidings but his appearance and voice has totally changed! What happened to Harry?!

Anyway the feud between grandparent and child continues today. Harry is caught by the grandfather as he mulls over his family situation. Harry wants to get out of the conversation but I helped him go through it by telling him what to say. In the end he manages to convince the grandpa that Malong is a good kid. Harry also thanks me for the assistance.

Later Malong continues to tail his grandfather  in hopes of finding the secret recipe. In the end he got lost in the surrounding forested area triggering an entire search party to find him. When he was finally found, his grandfather let go of his stoic disposition and broke down. Apparently he very much loves his grandson and when he discovers that Malong has no intention to sell his recipe, he agrees to share it with him. The recipe however is erm…. well basically keep working hard at it for long and you will find success. Well it takes a very deliberate and tedious process to make traditional rice cakes. Anyway as a reward for his hardwork, Harry receives cartons of carrot rice cakes to bring home. 😋


26.12.2023 Day 26 Carrot Rice Cake Maker

Harry doesn’t know what to do with the rice cakes he has been given so he contemplates throwing them away. When big guy hears it he gets all emotional and declares that he will make all kinds of rice cake dishes for Harry so that it doesn’t get wasted. So Harry ends up spending the day observing big guy at work. In the end the outcome though rather suspicious was fulfilling. Harry was happy with a meal that suited his palate beyond just raw carrots.


27.12.2023 Day 27 The Beginning of Rumours

Harry’s mailbox was flooded with mail this morning. Apparently some disgruntled student from Harry’s campus started throwing shade about Harry on the forum dedicated to the upcoming reality Muse for Musicals where he stars as a judge. The producers are concerned and requested to meet with Harry to clarify some of these rumors. Well they say he doesn’t say hi, is emotionless and hard to get along with and that people like him shouldn’t get what they want… lol what rumors! They are facts. And unfortunately for the thread starter, Harry is cold but he is also handsome, rich and talented.

More rumours continue to be unearthed about Harry. What was particularly surprising is learning that his grades were literally borderline passes and only because the professors begged him to put in minimum effort so he can pass. Harry even chided me for not believing him. How can I? I thought he was a genius! Anyway in the end the production company suspected that the thread starter was probably the troublemaker from previous time he was on campus. Nonetheless they decided to proceed with the show exhibiting faith in Harry.

Harry was pretty troubled about the whole incident and asked if he should quit being a judge. He then poured out his frustration over the whole affair as to why people got so much time to meddle with his life. I think it is the first time Harry actually sounded like a real person. I could empathise with what he said and it made me want to reach out and give him a hug. Oh dear me. I think I might actually fall in love with this guy!


29.12.2023 Day 28 I don’t agree

Thankfully today the culprit behind the rumors was apprehended and hauled to the police station. Harry met with him there and after the ghost graduate wailed his heart out, Harry decided not to sue him. The guy was really grateful and started sharing about how envious he was of Harry because he got everything anyone ever wanted and he never seemed to need to put in any effort at all. Anyway turned out that Harry wasn’t that forgiving because he reported his actions to the university, so it seems he won’t be graduatingbanytime soon.

Harry shared that from this incident he learned that people do foolish things when they are desperate. I told him he probably is a victim of it as well anyway. Haha. Anyway with all this behind him, Harry decided to focus back on being a judge of the show and give his evaluation on the auditions. Teo managed to pass it. Harry couldn’t talk much as he had work to do and I like it that he is professional like this. Whenni replied that I have work to do too, he replied let’s spend the night together.


30.12.2023 Day 29 Can’t we meet at all

Harry started the day very weirdly. He kept asking Piu Piu if it was really impossible for us to me. Apparently he had a nightmare that his phone was damaged and there was no way he could contact me again. As such he wanted to know my address in event of such emergency. However Piu Piu is insistent that it cannot happen. I am sad. I’ll never meet this AI guy. He is totally my type. But on the other hand the story writer is totally making me frustrated with Harry’s lines. One moment he makes my heart fluttered, one moment he crushes any hopes.

Later he meets up with Malong who passes him some rice cakes. It seems like he was supposed to go to his mum’s gallery? In the end the meeting was just for Harry to figure out how tall I am in comparison.


31.12.2023 Day 30 Tattoo

For some unknown reason Harry decided to get a tattoo today (and a new hair color too?! Give me back grayish white hair Harry!) Something went wrong with Piu Piu today. We suspect it got overheated trying to process Harry’s desire to meet me. Anyway the rather robotic AI asked us questions about the last 30 days spent together – best and worst memories. I guess best was when Harry played the piano, worst when I met his ex girlfriend. But we both could agree that the best moments was when Harry decided to treat me like his person. To that he responded that I was the only person he spoke to continuously for the last 30 days. Of course we got close.

Harry’s tattooist is someone he met during work and somehow she quite liked me after listening on the conversation between me and Harry. She thinks there is something going on between us. I’d like to say that but stupid Harry always spoils it all so I’m beyond trying. In the end Harry chose the tattoo of a carrot that I picked. I wonder if the tattoo design will change depending on my choice? That would be pretty cool.

By the way I subscribed to Piu Piu Plus today just to show some support to Cheritz and to keep my Harry alive. Haha.