After answering the love personality quiz, I am described as someone who is premeditative and values memories, and I am suited for a sincere relationship. I was then paired with June as the most optimal love match. I decided to go ahead with the recommendation despite feeling a bit pensive that he looked the most haggard among the three and is the only unemployed person as well. He is also the latest love interest introduced into the game in October 2023.


20.11.2023 Day 1 First Day with Ms <name>

June literally pounced on me upon my entry into the chatroom, claiming that he had been waiting for 600 odd days for my appearance and that he was ready to love me and make this relationship work. Huh? Desperate much?! He has an extremely low self esteem and feels that nobody would ever pick him if he were to date naturally. I mean in this very materialistic world unfortunately, your chances are quite close to zero if you don’t have a job. Anyway I tried to be nice overall, not trying to lord over him because it’s just our first day of meeting, or brushing him off because that typically leads to the bad ending.

I noticed that he was very particular about his meal times and dental hygiene, and he was constantly being interrupted by someone. Piu Piu the A.I. bird also sent me satellite images of June caught in 4D so I know what he is doing at any time. Apparently June naively signed away his rights to the developers and consented to his photos being taken anytime. When I reprimanded him, he just said that it is fine if it helps me know him better. Errrr….

Anyway June looks sickly to me and given his very particular schedules, I think this is one story without a happy ending in sight.


21.11.2023 Day 2 June’s Mother Appears

Today clarifies some of the suspicions that surfaced yesterday. Apparently June has some kind of condition that requires him to stay at home. He lives with his mother who prepares and serves ALL his meals and ensures he finishes them on schedule. He also goes for medical checkups and takes injections as part of some medical experiment for a new drug. He didn’t say what it is for but can’t help but worry if he is sick or being manipulated.

I also learn that his mother is some anxious control freak whom June is apparently afraid of. He hopes to leave home and live independently some day but cannot do so without any source of income. He laments that he hasn’t accomplished anything in life yet admits that he is prone to depression. Even the chatroom BGM has changed to some solemn tune.

June’s mother later interupts our conversation demanding to know what I’m talking to June about. She also revealed that June suffers from a sickness such that he cannot be subject to any stimulation as it will lead to mental and physical breakdowns. She confiscates his phone and the chat ends.

Wow…that escalated pretty fast and is definitely not the right way to end the night like this.


22.11.2023 Day 3 Are body and mind connected?

June doesn’t appear in the chatroom this morning. Piu Piu is there to greet you and cheer you up with worldly wisdom though. Really suspicious character this one.

Later his mother logs in and repeats that June is unable to handle any emotional or mental stress after a friend had inflicted it on him previously. To ensure that June is protected from a repeat episode, she attempts to uninstall the app.

(Side note – regrets that wake up and breakfast timing is so close to one another. Really no time to cycle through 3 characters!)

Finally managed to get in touch with June again. It seemed that his mother couldn’t uninstall the app so she ended up throwing away his phone instead. And by some weird serendipity, he found the phone after deciding to dig through the trash. Anyway June promises to speak to his mother and not let this happen again. He is glad that I haven’t uninstalled the app yet because this connection meant alot to him.

June shared more about his family background. He was born from his mother’s second marriage. His parents are divorced but his mother is doing well financially because she got quite a bit of alimony from her first marriage. He also has a half-brother whom he didn’t share much about because he was concerned I would go for him as he is way cooler. Based on leaks from reddit, it seems like this half-brother is actually Jumin Han from Mystic M.

If so, June isn’t wrong. Jumin is certainly a catch and my favourite character in the game until I met Saeran. So if June’s story ends up being similar to Saeran, he will know I’ll pick him no matter what.

June shows me all the pills he has to eat. He wonders if he is ever going to get well at all.


23.11.2023 Day 4 Day of Medical Checkup

June was waiting in the chatroom already to greet me good morning. He has to go for a medical checkup today as the test results weren’t very positive. He is feeling depressed already so I tried my best to cheer him up. For some weird reason it felt comfy and nice waking up to June’s messages compared to the other two.

June is off to the hospital. As he tries to chat with me under his mum’s watchful eye, Piu Piu turns on the voice recognition feature. I listened in to the banter between mother and son and they actually sound proper.

June spent the rest of day in the hospital waiting for the tests to be completed. He noticed that his mother was having a fun conversation with one of the hospital staff and it got him feeling pensive that his mother had to give up on her life to take care of him. It made him feel depressed. I think I can only keep encouraging him to be positive and focus on getting well.

There was something he said that struck me. He asked if I was someone who presented herself strong at home, weak outside or vice versa. I chose that I’m the same regardless and he replied that I must be someone with positive self esteem. That’s an interesting observation I didn’t know about myself.

Finally back home June continues his depression arc. I can only try and encourage him to think positive and focus on his dreams. Apparently he hoped to become an artist when he was young.


24.11.2023 Day 5 Cold and the Sea

I skipped a huge chunk of June’s chats today because I was away at a business event. The day started with June feeling unwell. Apparently the visit to the hospital the day before was a huge strain to his body. He spent the most part of day feeling moody and melancholic. This triggered a desire to go to the sea. In the evening he shared a photo of the sea with me. He mustered his courage and snuck out to see the sea without his mother’s knowledge. As a result he recovered really fast and he felt much better than he had been in a very long time.

June shared that he used to come to the beach with his father and that was way before he fell really sick. By sharing his beach escapade with me, June felt like we connected at a deeper level and it made him feel alot better. I just hope that his mother won’t make things difficult for him when he returns home.


25.11.2023 Day 6 Monet and the Exhibition

Another day of missed chats due to work. Today June snuck out with his father to attend a Monet exhibition at the museum. He spoke much about his father who seemed like a very different personality compared to his mother. However their outing was cut short when his mother found out about this escapade.

In the end, June is caught between his parents who have totally opposite views on how to treat June. His mother is all about being practical via doctors, prescription and check ups while his father is all about the intangibles such as love, comfort and freedom. No wonder they got a divorce.

Before bed June shares why he love Monet and it was because of his desire to hold on to his love despite family objection and differences in social status.


27.11.2023 Day 7 The Day the Bad News Came

Last day of business event and so I skipped a day of June’s chat. Glad I was able to just pick it up a day after if I log back in the same time next day. I guess that’s how the algo works.

June received bad news about his health from his mother and is too depressed to speak. He needs time for himself and will catch up again later.

June finally shares that he has some incurable disease which landed him in hospital when he was a teenager. He was hospitalised for four years and subsequently his parents divorced probably because of differences or financial pressure. He feels like he has been a burden on his parents. He also had to quit his band and took up painting then to stay sane. The recent medical results showed that he isn’t improving and has to be hospitalised again. He is worried what this means for his future and his mother as well.

When his mother comes by to convince him to be hospitalised, June rejects the idea because he doesn’t want to be a burden to her anymore. He lets out the guilt he has been harbouring for ruining her life. June’s mother tells him that he is sick because she didn’t take good care of him when he was young.

June is unable to shake off his negativity and you tried to convince him that his parents splitting had nothing to do with him. They had different values right from the get go. June says there must be other suitable matches for me and Piu Piu shamelessly broadcasts the other two candidates. (Well June doesn’t need to know I’ve been talking to them too!)

Anyway June says he will think about being admitted again and this time it will be different because I’ll be with him.


28.11.2023 Day 8 Breakdown

June woke up feeling sick probably due to the stress of worry, lack of sleep and food. He is unable to stay awake so Piu Piu helps by analysing his health condition. It appears that June suffers from a weakened immunity system caused by a long term build up of negative emotions and lack of self care since young. Seems like he was mentally abused and this led him to feel unworthy of love, disrespect of his ownself, and guilt.

When June was young he met his older half brother (Jumin) who was much more competent than him. He believed his mother chose him because he was weak and needed care and that was how he rationalised his parents’ love for him. However with me, he didn’t need to be someone or anyone as our love was unconditional.

I think the ongoing depressing thoughts made things worse and June ended up collapsing. Thankfully Piu Piu was able to alert his mother who sought help from her ex-husband to afford him private healthcare. I wasn’t able to talk to June as he had to undergo multiple tests. In the meantime Piu Piu decided to enlighten me with the history of June’s mother. It is confirmed that she is the mother of Jumin Han and she left the marriage because she realised that having abundant resources would not give her the happiness afterall. The sad but true realisation of every human being eventually.


02.12.2023 Day 9 Cherry Farm Healing Center

June is resting at Cherry Farm Healing Center currently. So we listen in to the conversation between his parents. Again they are arguing over the best way to treat June. His mother is on the end of her tether and just wants to get best treatment for June while his father is adamant about not depending on Chairman Han. Enters Chairman Han and his secretary Ms Choi and they updated the two about June’s condition.

Apparently he has been on meds for so long it has started to destroy his organs and his hormonal balance. Thus they suggested removing him from medication and starting some kind of herbal and natural treatment to help his body recover and detoxify. Carolyn agrees to go with it which made June’s father even more upset since he was the one who first suggested natural remedies.

It must really be hard for June. But the name Cherry Farm Healing Center sounds really really sus.

June finally wakes up and I had the opportunity to talk to him. He seems better and quickly got an update of his health condition and is willing to go ahead with the treatment prescribed. When asked if he was just going along, he replied that he didn’t have much choice since he has no money. He just wants to focus on getting well so that he can make me happy in our relationship.

June receives some fruit and flower basket from the Chairman and Jumin and this triggers a conversation about his older half brother whom he knows not much about except about how competent he is. June decides to text Jumin to thank him for the flowers.

June shares about how he scrolls through the Root of Desire planet occasionally to give him some encouragement and drive to live. It is quite uncanny thinking that I post my stuff there too IRL and if this fictional character reads it and roots for me. This is where fiction and reality co-exists. Anyway June says he will root for me and as long as I don’t give up on my dream, it will happen one day. Thanks June I needed that.


05.12.2023 Day 10 The first healing day

June is up and about and shares about the treatment programme and facilities at the healing centre. It really sounds perfect but I wonder if it holds any darker secrets. Anyway June is off to start an exercise regime which hopefully will stretch his muscles and loosen those tight knots he has from staying cooped up at home for soooo long.

June saw his mother chatting happily with Chairman Han but is unable to understand what their conversation is about. When he asked his mother about it later she evades the topic. June is slightly torn over all the adult issues between his mother, father and Chairman Han. I guess adult issues are always complex so I told him to just focus on getting well and not be bogged by these matters.


07.12.2023 Day 11 The Appearance of Henri

June is off for his tai-chi exercises which will help him build up his muscles and loosen his stiffness. He tripped and fell while trying one of the exercises and along comes Henri to help him up. I’ve read that Henri is bad news so let’s see what he is going to do to our June. From a first impression he does look pretty cute but no focus on June!

After the tai-chi exercise, June has to start on a 24-hour fast as part of a detox programme. He grumbles about having to skip meals and I try to take his mind off food. He talks about Jumin and how he feels so inferior to him. I remind him that Jumin is family and encourage him to get in touch and hopefully build some familial ties after all this time.

That night June is visited by Henri who climbed in through the window! He gives June some cookies to help him tide through his hunger. June is freaked out by this intrusion especially when it seems that Henri is particularly interested in his background. June decides to tell the hospital staff the next morning.


08.12.2023 Day 12 The Questionable Doctor

June informs his nurse of Henri’s visit the night before but was met with some skepticism. She thinks he might be hallucinating due to lack of food. He demands to speak to the doctor and also tells his mother at the same time. Meanwhile June’s doctor visits and it is none other than Henri himself. Apparently he has just been assigned to be June’s doctor.

June is totally freaked out and questions Henri’s behaviour and whether he is qualified to be his doctor as he seems emotionally unstable. Henri says he double major in psychiatry and can self medicate. Huh??? Henri instructs June to drink down a magnesium sulfate solution which is necessary for the detox. June spends the rest of afternoon in the toilet.

June speaks to his mother about Henri. She tells him that Henri is actually son of the hospital director and he grew up together with Jumin. It is obvious that given his background she is trying to tell June to just suck it up and let it slide. It is quite sad that this is the world where you can get away with anything when you have power and money. We discuss how rich people also have issues controlling their primal desires. Well not wrong if you have played Jumin’s route in MM.


09.12.2023 Day 13 Between Bluffing and Bullying

June wakes up to a fright with Henri whispering into his ears about how handsome he is. June chases Henri away but is led away for his morning trek. Later he speaks to his mother about Henri again but to no avail. He asked his mother to bring him his art materials so he can take up painting again while recovering in the center and also prove to others that he isn’t useless. (To be honest, as a mother listening to June, I felt a bit irked by my 25 year old son talking like this.)

Anyway while June is having his lunch in the garden, Henri comes along and started teasing him again and saying that they are friends and should get along well together. However when the nurse comes along to get Henri to tend to another patient, he suddenly sounds all proper and professional again. This is totally a psycho at work. (Anyway I regret reading some spoilers. Apparently June and Henri develops questionable liking for each other later?! What is this Cheritz?!)

That evening Henri comes by and passes June a book on Monet. He figured that June likes Monet from the wallpaper on his handphone.  He also informs June that they will be having a lunch date the next day. Turns out June’s mother arranged lunch for three of them to talk things out. It doesn’t bode well for June to be honest.


10.12.2023 Day 14 Don’t Call It a Date

Secretary Choi arrives in the morning with clothes for June. June’s mother got him designer suit for the lunch probably so that she won’t lose face and give June some confidence during lunch.

June instructs Piu Piu to turn on voice recognition whenever there is someone else in the room with him so that I can listen in to what is happening. Piu Piu was slightly cheesed by June’s mannerisms. Sigh while I do want June to build up his confidence again I really hope he doesn’t change in the process to fit into the rich men’s world.

Turns out it was just a lunch between June and Henri. Henri explained that he had treated June as such because he was such a new and innocent player into the chaebol world. June told Henri he isn’t part of that world and have no intentions to so told him to just stay away from him. Henri proceeds to share that he has an attachment disorder and becomes more obsessive the more someone chases him away so the best way to solve the issue is for June to just accept Henri as a friend. Gosh why is everything so complicated?

On his way home June calls his mother to seek an explanation. He found out that everything was arranged by Chairman Han as part of an exchange with his mother. To help Chairman Han with his business engagements, Carolyn will be going back to the chaebol circle as Jumin’s biological mother. June is shocked to learn about this and feels betrayed by his mother. He feels like an unwanted son and doesn’t know what or how to feel about the situation. Thankfully his art supplies have arrived and hopefully he can try and take his mind off these things through that channel until he is well again.


11.12.2023 Day 15 Atelier in the Room

June receives a delivery of vitamin supplements from his father this morning. The nurse told him he can’t eat them as it contradicts his diet at the center. She wants to put them away but Henri told her it is ok to leave it as June wants them close. Seems like a change in posture from Henri. Anyway June gets up for his yoga lessons this morning.

June spends the afternoon rearranging his painting materials to decorate it into an atelier. Henri comes along and compliments June on his artistic talents. He seemed to be sincere but warned June not to show the chairman or Jumin or they will definitely manipulate him. June doesn’t know what to make of Henri’s sudden transformation.

In the evening he speaks with his father who tells him that he knows that Carolyn is getting back with Chairman Han. June shares that it is not what it appears and his father is upset that June is hiding things from him and possibly being influenced by the rich people social circle. June tells his father that it is tough for him to be caught up between the two distinct worlds that his parents belong to. He is very upset and is unable to continue speaking.

June finally calms down and repeats that he just want to have peace and resent seeing his parents fight and not being able to do anything about it. I tried my best to encourage him but really this is a really sticky situation which I have no solution for.

Henri came by before June slept and suggested installing a private sink for him to wash his paints. June is slightly touched by the gesture and asked Henri about Jumin’s upbringing. Henri shared that Jumin has an emotional barrier and is likely result of lacking motherly care when he was young unlike June who is obviously brought up with lots of love.


12.12.2023 Day 16 Don’t Fight

June shares about his father this morning and the proposed treatment he had for June which is to go into the forest and live off the land. Apparently his father met a guru and administered this treatment, which helped cure his liver issues. June is concerned that his father would really come so informs his mother about it.

Later Henri comes by with the plumber to install the new sink. June has his lunch in the garden and bumps into his parents who started quarrelling over June the moment they met. June couldn’t take it anymore so he spoke up his mind about wanting to recover in the center and for them to respect his decision rather than their own agenda.

In the meantime, Piu Piu takes a photo of Jumin watching the scene in the background. Oh my goodness Jumin in person! He was my favourite character in MM until Saeran came along. Still Jumin’s story was rather warped. Still seeing Jumin in this world is so surreal! June is curious why Jumin is at the center so he calls Henri over to both thank him for the sink and ask about Jumin too. June is also feeling irritated that Piu Piu takes better photos of other men compared to him. He wonders how this is helping him in his love life. Haha.

Before bed, June is excited about what to paint tomorrow and this led him to think more about Jumin and the type of upbringing he had. He asked about my own upbringing and funnily it actually got me thinking. Did I have a happy childhood myself, did my parents shower me with love and attention? I didn’t know how to answer truthfully. I think sometimes this game really gets too personal.


13.12.2023 Day 17 Video Called

June starts painting today. He is so inspired to start he skipped his morning exercise so Henri came by to check on him. Henri’s development arc is surprisingly good. I’m glad to see him actually showing the right care for June. Henri shares that June’s mother is spearheading a new women’s wing for C&R and he would often be roped in to call his mother in the middle of such events so that his mum can brag about it. He suggests that June considers calling his mother to support her. He also shared that he didn’t meet with Jumin and that Jumin hardly comes to the center. Perhaps he really was here to see June.

Henri came by in the evening and told June that his mother wanted him to convince June to be introduced at the party as part of a fundraiser for children with incurable diseases. June was shocked at this sudden request and wondered why his mother didn’t ask him directly instead. In the end Henri managed to convince Carolyn that June wasn’t in a good enough condition to be introduced so she let it go.

June suspects that his mother and Henri are communicating with each other frequently so he decides to go look for Henri to get the truth from him. At least he can then decide whether he can really trust him. What ensued with a long deep conversation about what went through Henri’s mind. He had always been trying to compete and win Jumin but always fell short. If there was anything Jumin needed it was his mother’s love. Then here comes June who had what Jumin never got but was a far cry from his half-brother. Because of this weird logic it compelled him to bully June. But later he realised that June was no walk over and had his own personality so Henri grew to like him and wanted to become good friends. He certainly didn’t do so to get close to June’s mother. On the contrary June’s mother hoped that by spending time with Henri, June would be more willing to be part of the chaebol world.

There was some bromance there but I think that’s about it. Not some BL shit that people are talking about. I mean there was once that guys have heart to heart talk and supported each other. It was only recent years when LGBT became so rampant that we became so sensitive about these things.


14.12.2023 Day 18 An Unwelcome Invitation

June spends the morning ruminating over what Henri shared with him. Later he receives a call from his mother who would be visiting that afternoon. His mother turns up with Julia, Henri’s mother who seemed really excited to meet June for the first time. She also invited June to attend Chairman Choi’s son’s upcoming wedding and that it would be a good opportunity for him to be introduced to their social circle. Wait…. might Harry be Chairman Choi’s son?! Who is he marrying?!

June tries his best to hold up in front of Julia but after they left he was clearly upset by the sudden visit and invitation. Later he went to find Henri to seek his permission to leave the center for a while to meet with his father. June felt that it was necessary to inform his father that he intends to attend the wedding to thank Chairman Han formally for his graciousness and possibly giving June a chance at life. It was his way of showing support for his mother’s decision to go back to the chaebol world after doing so much for him. That’s my boy.

He also asked Henri what he likes and hopes they can do something together. I guess it is June’s way of reaching out. Despite how he is becoming closer to Henri, I feel that June still only has eyes for me. I actually felt like June was flirting with me today. I think it is the first time since we started chatting. Hmm.

June shares why his father doesn’t like capitalist as he thinks they are always putting a price tag on art. As a result art has been commoditised and artists no longer create art for love but for profit. I can agree with that Mr June’s father.


15.12.2023 Day 19 Meeting with Father

June gets ready to head out to meet his father. He bumps into secretary Choi who just happened to be around the area. June asked if Chairman Han was still asking about him and she said he was a busy man. She hinted that if June was feeling better already, he might want to shift to a hospital so that his mother won’t feel indebted to the chairman and return to the social circle. June says his mother wasn’t forced…

Anyway turns out that June’s father found out he was going for the wedding and tried to discourage June from going. When June didn’t back down, he issued June an ultimatum – choose dad or mum. What the hell. Anyway conversation ended there and then. June decided to proceed with his decision to attend the wedding.

Later we learn that June suffers from an incurable disease and it is likely that he will need to stay in a medical facility for the rest of his life. He said that he had lost hope in life but suddenly he wants to fight to survive after meeting me. Awww he is so sweet. June then receives a message from Jumin. Jumin tells him he has arranged a limo to bring them to the wedding. Big day tomorrow June!


16.12.2023 Day 20 An Otherworldy Wedding Party

Henri arrives early in the morning with a personal groomer to get June all made up for the wedding. Both of them look so good in their tuxedo and swept up hair! Then they got into the limo that Jumin sent for them. While in the car Henri showed June a tabloid article talking about Carolyn and her hidden second son who would be making a debut at the wedding. June is slightly traumatised by this.

When they got to the wedding venue, Henri was immediately whisked away so June was left alone to find his mother amidst the multitude of stares and whispers from everyone. Later he meets with his mother and Jumin as well. He tries to speak with Jumin but he was rather curt and I think it is attributed to Jumin’s coldness towards his mother. Nonetheless with the help of the C&R influence they managed to remove the article about June. Before Jumin left, he whispered into June’s ear that he is looking bright and he will come find him at the center.


23.12.2023 Day 21 An Invisible Arrow

I achieved a new trivia for not logging in to meet June for more than 3 days.

The day after the wedding. Someone has published a negative article on a major newspaper about Carolyn and June and it had caused the stock prices of C&R to drop by 3%. As a result the whole world is reacting. June’s dad is disappointed and he has gone for another retreat into the jungle. His mother is livid and determined to find the source of the news. Henri suspects that there is a spy within the healing center which is how they get hold of the information. June decides to complete his painting so he can think calmly of what to do next.

June received a message from Jumin. He will be coming to visit June the next day. June somehow finishes his painting in a single day. Later Henri comes by and encourages him to take a walk. As they walked they chatted about the current situation. Suddenly they heard the shutter of a camera so Henri quickly gave chase however the culprit got away. This further reinforce the idea that this was an insider job but who. I suspect Secretary Choi.

June tells his mother about this. Carolyn suggests that June leaves the healing center so they don’t cause more problems for the Chairman. June was really anxious as he didn’t know where he will go if he left the center. Henri comes by later to assure June that they have tightened security and offers to sleep with June to protect him. Erm ok.


24.12.2023 Day 22 A Special Sick Visit

June is visited by his mother and Jumin and they held a family conference over the recent publication. Carolyn was very formal with Jumin and told him to handle the media relations more carefully to prevent a reoccurrence which could be damaging to her reputation. She totally irks me. Anyway Jumin is obviously concerned about June and prefers that he stays in the healing center so he agrees to Carolyn’s demand.

June is feeling much more relaxed now knowing that things are going to be OK. He starts painting a new picture. Henri checks in on June and says he needs to do some tests as his numbers are slightly off. I hope this isn’t a precursor to more bad news around June.

June shares that he wants to go out to the arcade with Henri to thank him for being honest with him. He also wants to start talking to Jumin slowly to get to know him. It is good to see June finally having some hope in life. He has really gone a long way from the guy I first met more than a month ago.


29.12.2023 Day 23 Unwanted Revenge

June received a message from Jumin requesting for him to meet at C&R building. They had found the perpetrator of the news articles and thought that it would be good for him to speak with the person. June was so excited as he thought he could spend time with Jumin. However it wasn’t meant to be.

Turns out that I was right. The culprit was Secretary Choi as she was upset with the reappearance of Carolyn in Chairman Han’s life. Apparently she is in love with her boss and wanted to be the only woman to support him. Anyway the discussion turned nasty between Carolyn and Choi so Jumin had to step in. In the end Choi was forced to resign and Jumin was too tired to speak with June.

June was very disappointed but I tried to explain things from Jumin’s perspective and I hope he would be more understanding. Henri also came by to share with June news updates and how C&R stock prices are always shaky because of women scandals around Jumin’s father. That is probably why he was so bothered earlier. With that, June decides to focus on the outing to the arcade with Henri instead.


31.12.2023 Day 24 A Day of Getting Caught Up

June woke up feeling sick today. He must have exerted himself during the outing yesterday. I think Jumin being cold to him triggered his auto immunity. June is really sick. I wonder what would happen if I left him someday. I think I would be responsible for his death. Scary thought.

In the afternoon Secretary Choi unexpectedly barged into June’s room and begged him for help. Apparently C&R is suing her for damages arising from her actions. The compensation amount is hefty and she doesnt know how she can repay it. She hopes June can speak to Jumin or Carolyn. June is very disturbed by the call and tries to speak to his mother and Jumin about lightening the charge. He got scolded by Carolyn for bothering about her and that he should focus on his health instead.


1.1.2024 Day 25 A Dizzying Adventure

June received more messages from Secretary Choi begging for his help. He decides to try and speak with Jumin to help alleviate the situation. I tried to dissuade him from doing so but he is quite adamant. In the end he sneaks out to find Jumin. Jumin brought him to their old home and dropped a bomb on June about the truth behind his birth. I won’t spoiler anyone here but it was shocking. June couldn’t take the shock of knowing the truth and his blood pressure dropped drastically so he had to be sent back to the center immediately.

Back at the center, June is unconscious but we listen in to a heated argument between Jumin and Henri over what had transpired. While Jumin was apologetic over the impact of the revelation he felt that it was important that June knew the fact about his mother, while Henri’s POV was that it was better to protect June from the truth first so that his body had time to heal. I stand by Jumin’s argument though.


2.1.2024 Day 26 The Resurrection

Though June’s vitals are steady now, he is asleep and refuses to wake up as his subconsciousness wants to escape from reality. Rest well June. Dont let this world hurt you anymore. Piu Piu has amazing telepathic function that allows me to communicate with June even in his comatose state.

June is finally recollecting all his childhood memories that he has locked up all these years. After some encouragement he finally wakes up. Henri was there waiting for him. June’s father also comes to visit him and threatens to bring him out of the healing center. When June sees his father, he bursts into tears and hugs him. This is really sad. He agrees to let June recover more before deciding on the next step.

Carolyn finally visits June in the middle of the night. She is really quite the piece of work. What has this woman gone through in her life to have these kind of thoughts. I can’t say she doesn’t love June yet at the same time can’t help feeling like everything is about fame and glory for her. It is pathetic. I’m glad to hear June speaking up to her though. I think he has grown stronger.


3.1.2024 Day 27 Henri, my friend

June is scheduled for a psychiatric counselling session this morning which his mother ordered. He really didn’t want to go for it hence he decided to look for Henri and persuaded him to run away together to go to the arcade. Henri was partially concerned, partially game and so he tagged along with June for this little escapade. This was the scenario that many people in the forum commented about them being very gay. However having read the whole segment, I think it’s more wholesome than that. It goes to show what people are thinking about today. Show them LGBT media and they start thinking everything is like that.

Anyway June and Henri had a great time at the arcade. Apparently Henri is quite the pro at the games. Then they went to the beach for dinner and had a good talk about their lives. Henri is secretly a rebel who loves to climb roofs as it helps him to relax and escape from the world, and he isn’t interested in any relationships currently. June and Henri later got wet playing in the sea and having fun. Since June really didn’t feel like going back to the center, he manages to convince Henri to stay in a nearby hotel for the night.

After a carefree day, June is ready to move on with his life. Henri also sought his forgiveness for hiding the truth from him. To June, he is just happy to know that he has someone he loves and a good friend like Henri.


4.1.2024 Day 28 Growing in Heart and Hope

Henri is awake earlier than June and already on the phone. June’s mother has been calling relentlessly and Henri is summoned back to the healing center with June even though June doesn’t want to leave. June’s mother confronts them both when they return back and it triggers June’s condition again. He suddenly says something about wanting to disappear. I really hope this isn’t foreshadowing of a sad ending.

After he has calmed down more, June says he wants to take his mind off these matters and focus on his art. Maybe he would be able to be financially independent from his mother if he can strike it out on his own. June decides to call Jumin to thank him for telling him the truth. Jumin is once again such a difficult person to speak with. Anyway, June asked Jumin if Chairman Han really detests him and I suppose the answer is positive. With that in mind, June asked to convey his apologies to the Chairman and his decision to the leave the center. He really doesn’t want to be a thorn in their flesh. Jumin acknowledges his words and told June that he would be in touch.


5.1.2024 Day 29 Inflection Point of Hope

June stayed up all night painting so he was really tired for his morning exercise. He called me and I had a pretty fun conversation with him fantasising about me and that totally woke him up. Though I’m not that into June compared to Harry it does actually help to hear your partner say I love you so much from time to time. Teo says that too but it feels more cringey to me. I wonder what I will become if Harry ever says that to me.

After exercise June goes for his first counseling session and it turned out that Henri is his psychiatrist. Not sure how legit this is but he did manage to get June to come to terms with the trauma he faced as a child.

Jumin visited June and they had a long talk as half brothers. Jumin told June that he wanted to act as his guard to protect him from the influence of the chaebol world. This firmed up June’s resolve to leave the center. He is deep in thought as he continues painting through the night.

Henri visits June after dinner and they started discussing their dreams. June tells Henri that he plans to take a trip and asked him to come with him. Henri is unable to do so because he has so many responsibilities here. Though he wishes he could be free of them. Later when June is asleep, Henri checks in on him and receives a call from his mum. Apparently Carolyn wants June to debut as an artist as an inroads to high society. Henri’s mum wants him to buy some painting before that happens so they can profit from it.

Is this what the chaebol world really like? It is sad.


6.1.2024 Day 30 Take to the Skies

Today is the last day of June’s route. I feel a bit sad that I’ll be saying goodbye to him after this journey of self discovery. June is packing his bags and getting ready to leave the center. His mum told him to get ready to meet with an art guru who would be able to mentor him . June thanked his mother for sacrificing so much to make it up to him but he rejected the offer. They had a heated argument thereafter over different philosophies – love vs money. When his mother refused to listen, he bade her farewell and hung up.