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Today i did the unthinkable. I finished my referrals. I have been keeping them, rationing them for rainy days even just to make myself feel secure that i still have leads. But today i felt that God was telling me not to place my security in these things. If i held on to them, He cannot give me more.

How interesting the way God works. So finally I decided to stay in office and called like I never called before to finish all my referrals. And surprisingly it felt good. I dun feel like im like shortchanging anyone or anything or even deluding myself. This is work but there is always room for miracles.

I give my all to Him. I’ve already given my future, there’s nothing more i can really give. I pray only to live life to the full. Let’s just see how things turn out. Will my business just fizzle and die or perhaps only when a kernel of seed falls down and die, will many more be birthed.

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