Going on a trip

I was at the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library for the past two days and am overwhelmed by the sheer amount of books available on topics covering all aspects of tourism.

I pulled out a book called Tourism: Principles, Practices and Philosophies by J. R. Brent Ritchie and Charles R. Goeldner, 11th edition published in 2009. Apparently this is an introductory text to all things tourism for students in the field all over the world.

In these two days, I completed 3/4 of the book! Even I am amazed by my own dedication. Pity I am not back in campus, otherwise I would have aced this class. Ha ha.

The book opened my eyes to the whole economy of tourism and I found out it is actually the largest industry in the whole world, which makes it really important. Tourism serves a larger purpose of promoting world peace by helping people understand each other better and I am now ever more confident that this is the industry I want to pursue my career in. Problem is where to start? 

I will be heading up to Malaysia on a road trip with my mother, brother, his girlfriend and my son Joel for the next four days and perhaps I might have an epiphany enroute. We haven’t been on a family trip for more than a decade and this would be a good getaway for us all.

While it is just Malaysia and I have been there countless times, every trip is unique and I hope to find something interesting to post on my site. Alas my phone has no wifi so I won’t be able to post on the go. Palm Pre when are you coming to Singapore?

Just today I took a early morning walk from Clarke Quay to Raffles Place through the old shophouses. While I have been here during lunch time countless times, the atmosphere is different in the morning when the businesses are just about to start and one is able to get the sense of how things were like in the past without the yuppie crowd tainting the image.

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