Rippling Effects

I read with much amusement news regarding the closing of airspace around much of Europe due to the spewing of volcanic ash in Iceland. The closure which lasted about 7 days in prominent cities like London and Paris had caused much havoc –

  • Millions of people displaced
  • Hotel bookings and travel plans cancelled
  • Conferences, seminars and meetings affected
  • International trade halted
  • Estimated US1.7 billion dollars lost by the airline industry alone 

There is a sudden realisation about how interconnected we really are. And more importantly, how we need to keep ensuring that international peace is maintained. 

The eruption of the volcano is a natural act but air space can also be closed if there is a threat at any point of time to world peace. 

No matter our nationality, race or belief, we are equalised when it comes to our dependence on each other for goods, services, knowledge and technology so we need to be humble when dealing with each other.

One positive thing did come out of it though, the skies breathed better during those seven days with no aircraft plying through it spewing equally damaging gases.

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