Dealing with self-control

The iPad will finally arrive on Singapore shores tomorrow. And here I am still pondering whether I should join the thousands of other ‘half-starved’ Apple lovers who are going to ravage the Apple retailers as early as 10am.

I have been so in need of gratifying myself with a new gadget such that it has driven me to surf the web looking for iPad replacements and came upon a new category of electronic tools – the ebook reader. Most of the ebook readers in the market serve purely as its name suggests – enable users to read electronic books which can be bought or downloaded free from the web, on a 6 – 7 inch touch screen unit.

However the price of these readers range from $300 – $500. While most allow work on productivity tools, they are severely limited in their Internet and typing capabilities. I was even tempted to purchase a Netbook, which would cost the same as an iPad ($728 for the Wifi 16GB model) and probably much more useful, although you won’t have the pleasure of running your 11 fingers over the touchscreen.

This is really how the human mind works. The desire that courses through your bloodstream making you hunger for the product or a suitable alternative until you decide to go ahead and purchase something irrationally.

But I am thankful to Steve Jobs for committing what I feel is a PR disaster. The launch of the iPhone 4 has been overshadowed by complaints of loss of reception when the phone is held in a certain way. Instead of accepting that it was a design flaw and dealing with it amicably, he had to insist and demonstrate that other smartphones in the market have the same problem.

Since I am using a BlackBerry and am perfectly happy with the functional cute little fella, I found myself becoming indignant over his comments born out of a newfound loyalty to BlackBerry (what was going through RIM mind when they decided to call it that?). I decided I wasn’t going to get any Apple products as long as I have my self-control and my stubborn pride.

The one product I have been waiting forever for is the Palm Pre Plus. Found out last night that Palm was bought by HP in April so I guess it might either take longer to reach Singapore shores due to the reorganisation, or it might actually be faster since HP already has an established presence here. Crossing my fingers…

6 thoughts on “Dealing with self-control

    1. Thanks for linking to my blog. I read your article and realised that while I try to practise self-control in my life, I haven’t quite gotten down to teaching my children the same value by limiting the toys they want.

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