Four Island Tour

One of the popular must try tour around these parts is called the Four Island Tour. In usual kiasu Singaporean style, we steered clear of commercialised tour packages and haggled with one of the longtail boatman instead. We agreed to pay him 1,700 baht for the 4-hour tour. A tour package would have cost about 2,000 baht thereabouts with lunch provided. Not a lot of savings but it comes with the satisfaction of taking the road less traveled.

As we approached Poda Island, I was struck by how much it looked like a giant turtle rising out of the sea from afar. It was actually quite eerie thinking about it.

As we got closer, I actually found the beach very alluring. The empty beaches backed by a wildly natural growth of palm trees propped against the sheer cliffs of the limestone karst. I could imagine getting myself stranded on this island and building my own hut and never ever wanting to leave it.

1. Tup Island

Our first stop however was Tup Island. The most distinctive feature is the sandbar deposits that have accumulated between two tiny islands. It is possible to walk from one island to another and when you stop in the middle of the sandbar and look around, one can almost imagine what it feels like to be lost out in the open sea. Nope not a very comforting thought.

In fact it was after my return that my in-laws informed me that a churchmate had lost her 4 year old son when a huge wave suddenly swept him out to sea when they were crossing a similar sand bank. Okay that was really discomforting.

I had to walk barefoot across the sandbank (vain me brought my pair of hot pink Nike shoes instead of the flip flops) and experienced it first hand (feet) the coral deposits that have accumulated here. Ouch!

2. Chicken Island

Next stop to Chicken Island which as it namesake suggests looks like a chicken from a certain angle. The island is good for snorkeling but we had to skip that as the children were with us. The boatman was kind though to pick up some scraps of watermelon peel and gave it our kids to feed the fishes.

3. Poda Island

After a brief stop at Chicken Island, we made our way back to Poda Island where we spent the longest time soaking in the crystal clear water, feeding the fishes with bananas which we bought from a longtail boat kiosk and playing in the sand.

I really hope the children remember the experience of being surrounded by schools of fishes and having them eat out of their hands. The fishes were so absorbed in their feeding frenzy that I got quite a few nibbles on my thighs!

4. Phra Nang Beach

The fourth island in the tour is Phra Nang Beach which we decided to skip since we already made a trip there the day before.

Having exhausted the children, my hubby and I spent the afternoon soaking in the Jacuzzi out in the open air in total nakedness. Ooh so kinky!

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