Grandiose notions of changing the world

That was exactly what a dear friend said to me today. Stop trying to change the world! Which is really amusing because I never realised that this desire is so strong that my friends feel it and it somehow irks my colleagues who really prefer I don’t rock the boat.

In fact looking back at my blog what each of them entries, that’s exactly  is trying to do. Changing people’s mindsets about things. About being less materialistic, about learning to love the environment, about caring for those in need, about the little blessings to give thanks for and about daring to be different.

Sheesh! I never really noticed it till today. I mean I know that’s something that really intrinsic in me but I didn’t know that it was overflowing out of me.

But I cannot help it! As I remarked to another friend, don’t you know I live in a world of my own? A world where I believe a single thought, hope or prayer can create a ripple in an ocean. Why can’t I be dissatisfied with the real world and try to make it better? It is not as if I am the only one who feels that something is wrong. The symptoms are all there – fraud, war, global warming, famine, poverty to name a few.

In fact, why do we ignore these problems and busy ourselves with the day to day mechanics of our own life? Is this all there is to it? Go to work, get our pay, spend it, enjoy ourselves? No, there is much more to life than that and I refuse to believe that my time on earth will amount to nothing more than just being mediocre.

Incidentally, I have an high I profile which means I like to change things! But I have a tendency to not complete whatever I start out to do and take rejections too personally. Does my personality determine my perspectives on life or does it just determine how I express them?

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