Thinking Deep Thoughts

Lately I have been developing an uncanny tendency to think about how the world works. Perhaps a result of becoming obsessive with work. I can’t help but subconsciously wonder why things are the way they are.

Is it eventual that all life resides outside an old city at the extending suburbs? Comparing KL city and Shah Alam, I would have no qualms to choose the latter since it is neater, cleaner and has better traffic. That is if I don’t have to travel too far to work.

My relatives have chosen to stay outside of town in newly built three storey bungalows while it is becoming quite the hassle to visit our grandparents in Ampang. Some 40 years ago, this is prime estate but with the perpetual traffic jams, it doesn’t seem that way anymore.

Unfortunately for Singapore, it is becoming harder to define suburbia since everywhere is equally neat, clean and congested with both human and vehicular traffic.

Is the change in department structure just an excuse for the boss to shift power between staff? Recently our department underwent a slight change in structure resulting in me getting a hand in the planning and research function which reports directly to my supervisor’s boss.
On the other hand, the new media team found itself with two new supplementary members which I conspire is my boss’ discreet way of shifting control of new media elements from those who don’t accede to the team’s needs to those who are more cooperative.

Has social sharing helped to bond people in ways unprecedented? I have been fervently following My Princess, a Korean drama starring Korean heartthrob Song Seung Hyun. The amazing thing is that I am able to catch this drama on YouTube with complete English subtitles within 24 hours of it being aired on Korean prime time television!

All this thanks to a very ‘civic-minded’ YouTube member who is concerned that there are thousands of die hard global fans who cannot speak Korean and may never get to watch this drama if not for this act of social sharing. Not sure of the TV station appreciates this but it definitely won fans for the Korean stars.
Then it struck me. In Genesis 11, men wanted to build a tower that reached up to the heavens so that they could become gods in their eyes. To prevent this, God confused their languages so that they can no longer understand each other.

That set me wondering… With social sharing over the Internet and people willingly translating for others, how will we not develop one common language eventually too?

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