Exploring the Galaxy

I recontracted my mobile plan yesterday and decided to be rid of my Blackberry. I decided against my better judgement to get a Samsung Galaxy W.

This is my first touch screen phone after it has been in the market for so many years. I resisted because it is so darn difficult to type on screen vs a qwerty keypad which is the main plus point of the Blackberry. See, typing this para already resulted in me backspacing several times. No wonder people invented sms language to work around this.

But i admit, the new phone is stylishly white and super light. Like all Andriod phones, it comes with the perks of the open source Marketplace where one can download a whole repertoire of free apps.

I thought back on all the phones i used to own and realised i have practically tried every brand of phone before. I started with a Nokia way back in 1999, followed by an O2 phone in 2005. i took up the Sony walkman phone in 2006, Palm Centro in 2008, Blackberry Curve in 2010 and now to Samsung.

Looking at the phones I had picked, it is easy to conclude that Apple aside, most other phones had one time or another been a market leader and how fast they fall off the radar. My favorite phone was the Palm but they are no longer retailing it here probably due to the lack of a market.

Anyway i just wanted to try out Rogue 3.0 on this blog and happy to say that blogging is workable but not for really long periods of time until i master this typing thing.

2 thoughts on “Exploring the Galaxy

  1. This is your first touch screen smart phone? Poor thing. Where have you been? These days, touching the phone’s screen is old fashion – you suppose to talk to it like a friend and it will reply back to you. Haha!

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