Totally Wicked!

I watched Wicked the Broadway musical at Marina Bay Sands last week. It has been a full 10 years since my first musical Miss Saigon. Wicked is way better in terms of stage design and music production although the story was not quite as poignant.

Nonetheless it was not all about song, dance and colourful clothes, Wicked’s storyline carried an insightful analysis of our perception that colours the way we look at things. Perhaps the Emerald City is a classic example – it is emerald only because the inhabitants wore emerald coloured lenses.

The story revolves around the lives of two characters Glinda, who became the good witch of the North and Elphaba who was called the wicked witch of the west. However after knowing the events that led to their respective titles makes me wonder if Glinda was all that good and whether Elphaba was all that wicked.

Or perhaps better put is how the Wizard sang, ‘They say that I am wonderful, so I am wonderful.’ Are we who people say we are and not by what we do? And that in everything, there are always many versions of the same story. How do we know the truth in such situation?

Maybe God knows that humans are incapable of finding it out for themselves so he tells us not to judge and that this is a job for God alone for who else searches our hearts and knows our mind?

On another note, I am reminded once again of my dream to produce a musical for God. It need not be as big a production but the idea is to reach out to non-Christians and Christians alike to help them come to terms with what Jesus’ death on the cross mean to us and what Christian living is all about. Let’s see how this will unfold.

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