Mountain #1 Bukit Timah

Since finalising the purchase of our property in JB, I felt a need to look for a new challenge. And out of nowhere I suddenly recalled a long subdued desire to climb mountains. While I don’t intend to scale Mount Everest, my goal is to at least reach the summit of Mount Kinabalu. The tallest peak in the Malaysia stands at 4,095 metres above sea level and this is where I have placed my sight on.

However to get myself into a good physical condition to attempt this 2D1N ascent, I have decided out of also the sheer fun and adventure of it, to try to climb a few other mountains in Malaysia. After all if I ever do move to JB, I have to think of plausible wholesome weekend activities to engage in. And what better way to exercise your physical and mental endurance?

There is this website where the owner has graciously listed some 300 of the highest peaks in Malaysia and with that list in toll I will slowly make my way up Mount Kinabalu (all pun intended).

However one must always appreciate their own national treasures and our highest peak here is none other than Bukit Timah at 164 metres above sea level. My, I have a long way to go. Theo, Joel and myself decided on a whim to scale this hill to be exact on one Saturday afternoon and hit the summit in less than 30 minutes.

This stone marks the summit of the hill which can be easily reached in 30 minutes or less.

There are four different colour coded paths to choose from. We ascended via the most straight forward red path and then took the more foresty path (green colour) downhill. The trek downwards was a little more laborious and we spent about 45 minutes to reach back the entrance of the nature reserve.

You can get this map from Nparks site as they don’t print brochures anymore.

While the trek was short, I was delighted that we managed to spot quite a bit of wildlife – mimic birds, monkeys, squirrel and even a monitor lizard that calmly walked across our path. I also took the opportunity to teach Joel how trees play an integral role in the life of the forest.

My next mountain adventure awaits in the state of Johor… one of the 400 – 600 metres peaks.

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