Hello 2013!

As per tradition, this is the happy new year post from Bring Me There. I am glad we do have a new year to celebrate amidst all the end of world prophecies.

Looking back, I am thankful for the things that happened in 2012 – like getting our first investment property, doing well at work and finding a suitable Sunday school for Joel.

However there were several black moments as well – like ongoing health problems, getting chicken pox, dealing with school stress, and the incessant overcrowding issues faced by the average Singaporean.

We attended a watchnight service on new year’s eve and had a really meaningful time in worship with God. And a reminder about God’s faithfulness in keeping His covenant with Abraham and David through the eternal kingdom of Jesus Christ.

What to look forward to in 2013?

1. Continue praying for my mum’s salvation. Though it didn’t happen last year, I sense a softening of her heart towards God. For myself,  a commitment to spend more time with God.

2. Going back to work full time, which means more pay but less time coaching Joel with his studies. Sometimes we make really ridiculous decisions, sacrificing time for money when one can be earned but the other once lost can never come back. In this new work year, I have been tasked with a very crucial research survey and that would probably be the determinant of my performance.

3. Going into business selling cheap used children’s books. I don’t think it will make me a lot of money but I hope to pick up the necessary skills. I have given thought about this and if possible I don’t want to simply move from an employed to self-employed and still have to work my ass off. I hope to look into building this into a system that does not require me to work all the time. That is I hope to redeem my time. How ironical.

4. After reading more of Robert Kiyosaki’s books, I agree that our schools only teach one model of income generation but it isn’t the only one so I am going to focus on 3 aspects of his upbringing instead – love for God, love for reading and love for financial education. Also to give Elizabeth, who is starting kindergarten, a good foundation.

5. Collection of keys to Sierra Perdana – our property in JB is expected to be completed in the middle of this year so there’s the excitement of getting our new home and setting it up for weekend stays.

6. Family trip to Hong Kong – admittedly my travelling days have been severely limited by the inclusion of youngest most beloved child who at 3 years old is a pain to bring out because he just cannot stand or sit still. Trip to HK will be his first time on the plane and also first time we are travelling in a big group of 9 people!!

Yup so that is the main gist of 2013 outlook for me. Not any less exciting than this year but suspect going to be hell of a hectic year ahead juggling many hats.

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