Hi all, this is my first time blogging and honestly I have no clue on what to do with it. It just started on an impulse. But then I have always kept a journal since 15 years ago, had it on the MS Word since I got my first PC so I guess blogging was an eventual thing to try out.

In addition lately I have been having this itch to create some personal webpage to post things that are of interest to me, which I hope can help others too. However I am clueless with regards to web design so I’ll try leveraging on this platform for the time being.

For starters, I am currently working. In the course of time you will find out what I am doing. I have a dream, like most people, to travel around the world. Not just some touch and go thingy but to really soak in the culture and the beauty of the land. But that’s going to take more than one lifetime. So I hope that when I meet God someday, He can bring me to places I didn’t have the chance to go. Hee hee.

Another dream I have is to leave a legacy behind. I don’t know what kind or how it’s going to be done but I do hope to be remembered for something good before God decides to take me away. Anyway in due time I will add more stuff to this blog. But for now, that’s all to me. See ya around.

One thought on “Hello!

  1. i jus want to say tat b4 u can even post anything here..
    “i love you, my darling” n i want you to know tat u are the one n only true love of my life. life is a journey of experiences..n i m glad to have u as part of my life n journey..smuah.

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