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Today I finally mustered enough discipline to get my ass out of the house and onto the streets. Yeap back to office today although it was many hours after the stipulated time. Sighz. This is not good for health. Anyway back in office, I was touched to find out that my colleagues actually missed me. Although I was back from HK for a week already, they thought I just came back.

Oh well back to work, I had like 1001 things to settle. And honestly I was frustrated. I was really pissed with myself and my clients for making a mess of all the admin matters. Why do I always have to make the same mistakes over and over again.

I am currently reading this book called Selling among Wolves – Biblical principles to selling. I realised that I have never really got down to learning more about the work that I am doing, always doing the same ole thing and never bothering to upgrade or update myself.

I think I am beginning to see why Lao Pa is so unhappy about some company who is slamming commission based financial planning. It’s because he takes a lot of pride in his work. For the first time, I have seen him so indignant about others’ opinion on our work. I wish I have that kind of passion. Surely if you do, your clients see the value. Oh God, how come I am still here?

Something miraculous happened today. I started on my calling and my calling ratio which has always be 1/3 became 1/1 today and I made 6 appts within an hour. I was stunned. What do you suppose this means? I’m tired. My stamina is failing me.

One thought on “Back to work

  1. Glad tat u finally made it back into tat building of yours. i m sure tat all ur frens miss u dear, and u miss them all too. well, i do wish you all the best in your work dear, and pray tat God will con’t to guide and use u for His purposes at Finaxis. (is tat how u spell ur coy name?)
    anyway, i love you dear. work hard, n work towards our future together. with all my warmth…theo (ur baby)

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