If only I could turn back time

Lately I have been in a cranky mood, thinking about really weird things. Started playing this game Chrono Cross from long time ago. One of my favorite PS games. Well in short this is about alternative lives led if characters had chosen otherwise decisions. While it’s just a game it caused me to really think through decisions I have made in my life.

Yesterday I went to watch 2046 with a close friend from Uni. Funny thing is that given another time and place or had I made another decision, he might have been my boyfriend today. Ha! Then today I had quite a hearty discussion with my client over this issue.

I asked him what was the one decision he made in his life that could have altered his whole life for good. He said choosing to go for a gifted education program when he was 10 years old. Yup that could explain the ‘weirdo’ he is today. Ha! But then strangely he also said, if not for this decision he has made, he might have never known Christ.

Which then caused me to think again – which is more impt? Knowing God or having a ‘normal’ life? I’m still thinking who decisions I have made in my life make me the person I am today… and how different I would have turned out if I had decided otherwise. Heh!

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