Im back!

SOMEONE commented that I haven’t updated my blog in a LONG TIME so here I am. Hey it’s not that i am afraid lah… it’s just that I did some thinking and i wonder how effective a blog is if i cannot express my true feelings on it because of those who are reading it? Ha ha…

Kinda pointless to have a blog and then also have personal diary to write my inward most feelings… still there are many reasons to have one… like to keep in touch with friends and remind them that i am still here, alive and kicking.

Anyway since the last depressing blog, things have began to look better. Not that I dun feel lost anymore… it’s more like I don’t care anymore. I told Andy my manager my goals for 2005 and whoever’s reading also knows it. Since then i feel that all i need to worry about is HOW I WANT TO ACHIEVE my goals and dun have to give a damn about how others are reaching theirs. I guess that’s it… i think i’ve spent too much time trying to do it in ways not my own.

It’s been awhile since i communed with God and i feel really out of touch. I do want to go back but somehow i feel so LAZY to do so… ha ha perhaps that’s the beginning of everything. It’s nice to know tho that He has placed really good Christians in my office to keep my ‘updated’ and of coz the constant reminder that i can never do anything in this profession without Him.

Yup yup that’s from me for now… nothing big has happened except that my darling is back for good… not really enjoying school but hey he got the Dean’s List and best student of the faculty award so how hard can it be? Ha ha. Also bought myself a PS2 which also contributed a big part to my absence from work, friends, church and all forms of life. Haha… God help me!!

One thought on “Im back!

  1. heh heh heh… finally get to see an update here… aiyo… waited until my neck also long… well, pray that ypu’d achieve your goals in His time! God bless dear… see you when you decide that you want to see me!! =P

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