Crossroads of my life

Lately something happened… something that completely turned my life upside down. I feel like suddenly my rosy bed of comfortable life has been exchanged for a bed of thorns and potential suffering. Of course there’s no one at fault here except myself.

I can only say i am responsible for the mess i put myself into. There’s nothing i can say online or to anyone actually but perhaps airing it might just make this whole journey a little less lonely. I feel like i am running away from reality actually. I find it hard to face the truth, that i totally screwed up my life this time and there’s no running away.

Oh God please help me. I am at the crossroad of my life… it’s that serious but yet so secretive huh? I wish i could be happy about the situation i am in but unfortunately not in this scenario. Theo has been trying his best to be supportive but i guess even he is at his wits’ end.

I really am trusting God for this whole matter.. I pray that He can first forgive me.. and then somehow make things work again. Well please pray for me dear ones. Don’t ask me… just pray for me.

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