Climate Concerns

What has held my interest for the whole week is the progress of the Climate Control Summit in Copenhagen where 193 world leaders have gathered to form a legally binding contract to reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the environment touted as the culprit for global warming.

It concerns me so much because I love this world that God has created for us and I wish, God allowing, that it will continue to be a beautiful world in existent for our future generations to cherish and enjoy. 

The conference concludes tomorrow with barely any firm decision made as of now. Instead the last 10 days proceeding has been peppered with sharp exchanges between developed and developing nations, each claiming that the other should play a bigger role in curbing emissions.

I really don’t know what agendas each country may be concealing but I noted something with interest today that perhaps might serve as a lesson.

We just concluded a company Christmas party where mock casino tables were catered for. The person with the most winnings after a 3-hour period will win a $1,000 cruise voucher. We were initially afraid of all kinds of ‘black market’ or under the table collusion that might take place which we  could not control.

However at the end of the night,  I was amused that everyone played to their heart’s content and the winnings and the subsequent prize (indeed the product of a massive collusion) was meant as a wedding gift for another colleague who was not present at the party.

I am touched that instead of playing for individual gain or glory, a relatively large group of people have chosen to sacrifice their individual winnings and forfeit their prize for something slightly more meaningful, more noble, more kind.

I pray that with tomorrow’s conclusion, something equally meaningful will be the product among our leaders who choose to put aside their own agendas and think about the greater good of our world.

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