Red Tape

I realised the books I was reading are written by Americans. Perhaps in their laissez-faire economy where everyone can liberally fight for their rights and with millions more population, starting a business and becoming successful in it wasn’t so hard. 

Things are different in Singapore. I haven’t thought to register my business until the website took off. Like having real people visiting, reading my articles or becoming interested enough to leave their email contact. 

While new business ideas were popping into my head, I scanned the Internet to see if there are existing companies who already thought about them. Well of course.  

Do you know that even tour guides need to have license? And to earn the license you need to attend a course that will roughly set you back by $700!

My hairdresser informed me today that each of his scissors cost him hundreds of dollars and he has to pay for each out of his own pocket even though he is a salaried staff. I guess every profession has its costs.

According to EnterpriseOne, the Travel Agent Act states that a license is required for an entity to book conveyances and accommodation not owned by the entity on behalf of another person. And to qualify for the license, the company needs to have a paid-up capital of $100,000! 

Okay so that writes one item off my list of possible services. At least I still have travel planning and destination research to count on.

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