Shopping galore in KL

11.12.09 Stay at the Boulevard Hotel in KL

On our way out of Malacca back to the NS highway, I had initially suggested going to Alor Gajah which is a town further north on the highway since we are heading to KL instead of trekking back to Ayer Keroh. But I wasn’t confident and it seems that despite my knowledge, I am still pretty much looking to my brother and mother to make most decisions. Even though I am now more matured and carrying loads more responsibility, I guess I am still the baby sister. Just slightly annoyed that we wasted extra time. My brother is totally clueless when it comes to navigating unfamiliar territory and once again I am thankful for Theo in my life.

So now we are heading up to KL where I have frequent. Wonder what new adventures might behold for our motley crew?

When we reached KL, we immediately got lost finding our way to the Midvalley Mall where our hotel is located. After trudging through the countless traffics and detours, we arrived at the Boulevard. The Boulevard hotel is a business hotel which is spaciously designed.

The king size bed is a welcome addition and one can request for as many pillows as possible. The bathroom is equipped with both a huge shower head and a hand held shower. Buffet breakfast provided is a mix of international cuisine. But for RM280 per night I would rather settle for the next door Cititel for half the price since personally it is for the location more than anything.

After a whole afternoon of shopping concentrated on children apparels, we went out for dinner in KL city close to 10pm. Dinner at Jalan Alor next to Hotel Nova behind Jln Bk Bintang. Thai seafood steamed whole fish, calamari, tofu seafood soup, minced chicken with basil leaves, two vegetable dishes and 6 fruit juices for only RM102! Food was really tasty and ambience good as well even as late as 12mn.

12.12.09 Around KL town

After spending the morning shopping, we headed out to Jln Ampang for the famous Yong Tau Foo. Finding the place was less of a challenge than I thought. Just follow Jln Ampang in the direction of Ampang LRT station and then after passing Spectrum, make a right turn and there you have it.

After lunch we went to Chinatown Jln Petaling. I am getting the hang of navigation in KL. I’ve been here before but I thought it was a good idea to come and mingle with the crowd and also since it has been awhile since anyone had been here. It is actually interesting that Chinatowns around the world look the same except in China itself.

Then it was more shopping and dinner back at Midvalley mall. Man I really love this shopping mall. Even after two days, I still haven’t got my fill of it and yet to venture to gardens mall.

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