CSS = Computer Stress Syndrome

Believe it or not, there is now a new medical problem plaguing our society.

The Computer Stress Syndrome is characterised by anxiety, anguish and frustration over complex computers and devices, technical failures, viral infections and long waits to resolve support issues.

Sounds familiar?

When my laptop crashed a few weeks ago, I couldn’t sleep for one whole night. I kept thinking on how I could reformat my computer, backup all my data, whether my warranty was still valid and most importantly, how long it will be away from me for repairs.

The worst part was living without it. Though I wasn’t consciously thinking about it, I was fidgety the whole day, as if there was a void in my life.

Somehow we have inevitably fallen victim to the lure of the gadgets and gizmos of the 21st century as if life is not complete without a connection to our digital self.

I recently replaced my Palm Centro for a BlackBerry Curve. Initially it took quite a bit of adjustment to the new device but since I got the hang of it, it never leaves my side. I even have names for my laptop and smartphone.

So how bad is your CSS?

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