Everything has its use

Remember when I started this blog?

It was part of my marketing effort to improve visits to my website – Bring Me There.

I read up loads of books on website design and marketing and I spent hours playing around with HTML and writing and rewriting articles for it.

And yet hits to my site is still pretty dismal.

The ironic thing is that today I went for an interview for a publicity-related┬ájob and they are filling in for a position to reach out to younger audiences using new media. I wasn’t sure how I was going to convince them to hire me given my existing working experience but somehow I was able to leverage on my website hobby.

And guess what? They were so impressed I got the job almost on the spot!

Who would ever know that skills picked up as part of a hobby could amount to something so useful especially in Singapore when everything is by the book, black and white?

I am now ever more sure that nothing one puts his heart into learning is ever wasted. You just have to wait for the right opportunities to present itself and be doubly surprised and thankful for having bothered to learn even when it seems pointless.

Thank you God! This is for You!

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