To wait or not to wait

My eldest son asked me in the middle of last night in his slightly hushed but excited tone,” Mummy when I come back from school on Monday, I can watch Transformers?”

The reason for his enthusiasm is because the last episode shown on Cartoon Network on Friday ended at the part of Megatron’s return to the horror of the young Optimus Prime and his group of inexperienced Autobots. As I myself had not watched this episode before, I was quite tempted to catch up on the cartoon online but after much adult deliberation decided against it. We will just have to wait for it the old fashioned way.

Hearing from him last night, I was glad to have made that decision. In our modern world where instant gratification is key, it is good to teach the children to wait once in awhile. The childlike eagerness to catch the continuation is such a delight to watch and probably a good way to cultivate creativity as the child imagines how the series will continue.

Yes so even though the Internet can well satisfy our immediate urge for visual stimulation to the point of numbness, having gone through a different type of childhood when the Internet was not so accessible, it is good to teach these simple values while we can.

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