Hello WordPress!

How cool it is to be able to blog from just about anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. Ok easier perhaps if you own an iphone but for me this is simply phenomenal.

I haven’t thought about what this blog should be about but just had a sudden craze to start a new one. The result of working in a department dealing with public education using new media.

I already have a blog about my life which has witnessed many amazing miracles and grace from God. I have one that is tied up to my personal website and I basically pen my perspectives on life in general. My work centers around financial matters so I probably don’t want to overload on that either.

This leaves me with my personal passion – independent travelling. But the really ironic thing is that the more personal a topic is, the harder it is to emote. I will probably find a starting point, after all that’s what my blog is all about – learning how to get there, wherever there is.

 Another thing I wanted to try out is to post a photo taken from my phone camera on the blog. A picture paints a thousand words and the ability to post photos on the go would be quite incredible. 

My half-eaten plate of hokkien mee

Ok that was just way cool. For those of you who are more techie, just indulge me. I know now why so many people prefer to use the blog engine as opposed to a setting up their own website. This is just so much simpler to get your thoughts out instead of having to mess around with HTML and CSS and customising every web page to match its content.

In addition, compared to Blogger and my complimentary blog in GoDaddy, WordPress is simply outstanding with its numerous widgets and flexibility of design. And of course it has come up with a BlackBerry app which makes updating so much easier. I may consider consolidating my blogs together and then importing them over to its own domain but still gauging whether a blog or a full-fledged website is more suited to my needs.


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