Where is ‘there’?

When I first started my website Bring Me There, it was meant to promote travelling independently and to encourage people to adopt this style of travelling. By sharing my own experiences, I wanted readers to recognise how much more they can see, do and contribute rather than following an overpriced tour group.

But as I ventured further into the project, I realised that Bring Me There wasn’t just about destinations, it was about a journey. It no longer became a static representation of countries I have been to but a learning experience to cherish whether I am overseas or at home.

I had not been on a big trip since April 2009, having just given birth in February 2010. But in many ways I have travelled.

 I became a mother of three.

I started my own website from scratch and with zero knowledge.

I learnt to manage my household with my husband overseas and a maid helping me.

I left my comfort zone and started in a new job, taking a 180 degrees change in job scope.  

It blew my mind, that something I started with sole intentions of focusing on travels, could and have become something much larger than that. In many ways we are all travelers. We are on a journey to somewhere, searching perhaps for the true purpose of life.

I am still very young and new to this journey and I hope to share my stories on how I got there, God willing. Hoping perhaps to encourage those who have trodden the same path and inspire those who have yet to.

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