A tribute to year 2010

One more day to the end of 2010. Before I look towards the new year, let’s recap what happened in 2010.

1. I gave birth to my third child, a healthy and extremely cute and cheerful baby boy. I named him Benjamin (son of my right hand) both as a dedication of how dear he is to my husband and myself and that God willing, my last child.

2. We welcomed another member of the family. My domestic helper from Philippines who has been a real help in many ways. We had our initial fears about having a stranger at home blah blah blah. But she has been dutiful in caring for baby Benjamin (sometimes I fear she will take him home with her when her contract is up), managing the household chores and surprisingly bonding well with my two older children. Thus giving me some breathing space and slightly more time to pursue my own interests.

3. Learning to live without my husband for most parts of the week as he is being posted overseas in his new job. While I enjoy being by myself most times, I really miss those conversations we used to have together about work. The weekends are now treasured moments to spend as a family and nights cuddling each other.

4. By God’s grace, I was able to make a total career change from fund accounting in an offshore bank to online marketing in the public sector. Though not under the best of circumstances now, I am thankful for the opportunity to pursue a new path and learn many new things.

5. Sometime near the middle of the year, I discovered WordPress and consolidated all my blog entries over the years under Bring Me There. So the website got a new look and content management system. Looking back I am quite amazed at the quality of some of my musings and hope to keep it up in the new year. I still have so many unfinished posts!

6. We embarked on a family trip to Krabi, Thailand and had a good rest despite the hiccups. We made several adjustments to the family and now our children are learning to be much more independent. I see much progress in Joel especially with him eating well and being able to spend more time playing by himself.

7. My brother finally got married and moved out to his new home. As his younger sister (but more often the ‘wiser’), I am happy he is finally settled and look forward to becoming an auntie soon.

And so 2010 has been quite a year of changes for us! Although looking back now, it doesn’t feel that that much has changed. Ever thankful to God for His love and guidance in everything in keeping us safe, healthy and in sound financial health.

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