Banking on social media

Nope this post isn’t about how great social media is and why you should definitely include it in your marketing strategy. That’s for the twenty page report that I am currently writing right now. And it isn’t even an assignment given to me by my boss.

The reason why I am so mad to write this is because I have reached the point of total disillusion with my current occupation. This is like a last ditch attempt at trying to carve out a niche portfolio for myself where I can be at free will to implement something at my discretion rather than always having to listen to my teammates’ bigoted opinions. The worse part is realising that their goals have nothing to do with our organisation’s goals.

Anyway no matter what happens, I really give thanks to God and my boss for having faith in me and providing me the opportunity to try out something totally different from my training and experience. I doubt any other self-respecting organisation would place the stakes of their online marketing in the hands of a rookie, unless they think that I couldn’t possibly do worse. Come to think of it, they were probably right.

Which is why I need to prove to them that they were not wrong when they chose to trust me. Based on my observation over the last six months, there is nothing to suggest that my bosses or colleagues know more about social media than I do. So this could be just the window that I need to just stand out. I really don’t know how else I am going to make a difference without continually being in the shadow of someone else’s opinions.

So anyway wish me luck! I will update my social media findings if all goes well.

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