Faith is Breathing your native air

“Faith is the mark of normality. A persistently negative and cynical attitude is a mark of emotional illness.”

I don’t believe the amount of comments I get on my blog! And yet when I sift through the comments, I wonder if they are genuine contributions or ones that just tag along to get a little extra link from my website. So I don’t know if I should publish them. Do they even read my blog before they post?

I know I am going slightly out of tangent with my latest posts. Nothing related to travel. It boils down to this period of instability and alignment of life with my career. I am sorry readers if you’re wondering how all this might be bringing you there… wherever there is.

Well life is a journey itself. No matter what it throws itself at me, I will always maintain my mark of normality. My faith in God and a life much better than this one on earth. I have never been quite so disappointed in people before.

It is only when you have faith that you can keep away negativity. I mean what good does holding on to cynicism do to you? Probably it’s the only thing for someone who doesn’t believe that there is something better out there.

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    1. Thanks for your compliment. I actually used the Travel Grunge template and did some modifications to it by myself. All the best to your website too.

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