Of two different worlds

I have a colleague who remains an enigma to me. She first caught my attention with her long flowy hair, tall slim build and make-up that accentuated her features in a very attractive way . Who wouldn’t?

She drew my attention again when I found out about her multiple boyfriends and penchant to be unable to remain in a relationship for more than 6 months. She is quite the party-goer and loves to drink and can hold her liquor very well.

Another time she turned my head when she disclosed that her heels cost close to $2,000 and each of her dresses costs her at least $500. There was a period of time when she was almost absent from work 70% of the time.

Then I worked with her on a project and found that she was rather mature in thought and analysis which I can appreciate. Although she can be quite direct at times, she’s also willing to be personable and professional when it comes to working relationship.

Over lunch one day, I discovered she is a Christian! It wasn’t really a shock because she did behave like somebody who is aware of things beyond this world but somehow sucked into all of it. Which was the disheartening part.

The last straw came and inspired this post when I read her blog yesterday. There are less than 10 posts but each of them were fluently and beautifully written in English and Mandarin. They were posts composed and inspired by her love stories.

How do I categorise a person like her? Just like some of the really impressive people I have met in my life. People who hold so much depth and promise, people who once loved God and knew Him personally, people who have been jaded with bitter disappointments and people who are experiencing a life less than what God had planned for them?

Once I would have been extremely envious and jealous of someone like her. Because she is everything I am not. I am not tall, slim or attractive. I doubt I am as intelligent as her. I can’t afford to party, to doll up, to spend money like this or have the experience of being in multiple relationships.

I would comfort myself in the knowledge that I am a child of God and a believer in the salvation that Christ bought for me. But so is she. But you know, I am not envious or jealous this time round. I looked at her across the elevator just as she observed the Watsons plastic bag I used to carry my books.

She talked about the numerous meet ups and parties she is going to enjoy this year end and I just think about the family outings I will have with my children and husband. And there we knew that we were of two different worlds.

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