I got stood up

Today is my 73rd month anniversary with my boyfriend. The 20th of every month has always been special. Holds alot of meaning and I will always treasure the day. We usually will do something different, like dine at a restaurant instead of his fave LJS. Or watch a movie, go window shopping or stroll to nowhere. But these few months I have to live without that. Feels kinda empty and lonely.

Have u ever thought about being with someone for so long and when that person suddenly cannot be by your side for a long period of time, how awkward that feels? U kinda instinctively find someone to replace him. But it isn’t fair to anyone isn’t it? So in the end, you have to bear everything yourself.

Yes I got stood up today. Had two appts but both stood me up. Couldn’t make it last minute. However the 2nd guy was really nice to appear at the meeting place to tell me he can’t meet me today. What an irony. Said he only turned up because his hp went flat and he didn’t have my no. He didn’t want me to think that he was a idiot who stood me up. It was so sweet of him. Anyway because of that I went for my lonely walk along Orchard Rd. It was kinda nice in the chill of the nite.

I chatted with Lao Pa today. He’s surprisingly chatty. Maybe it’s because it’s something to do with him. I think I finally ironed out my friendship with him. I told him the reason why I am sticking around even though he’s not the most friend-friendly person around. And I hope he understands my intentions. Thanked me for my patience… I only ask that he doesn’t push me away. Yeap. It’s tough having such friends. Ha ha.

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  1. no man is an island…there are alwis frens in this world. be it jus passing by, or those closer to the hearts. glad u have found many frens in this industry. rem, “greater love has no one than this, tat he laid down his life for his friend”. – Bible
    i love you dear.

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