Got a big case

Yesterday I got my biggest deal ever since I joined the industry. And it isn’t some big bizman but rather a really responsible young army regular. On the other hand, I met the son of a bizman to sign papers. It was only a $100 deal but his father who happened to be around totally forbade him to sign the papers vehemently. Ha ha what a contrast. But I can’t blame the ole man. He wanted his son to becareful in making financial decisions. I only hope he can see my intentions.

Anyhow I got my API goals but unfortunately, I am still lacking in the no. of lives saved. My goals till the end of the year is to hit $10,000 API per month and save 7 lives. But the latter is more important. I think I prefer focusing on expanding my clientele base and area of influence rather than getting more money. It has never been a top priority because I am sure that God will always provide. I hope He also brings the people along. Heh.

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  1. i believe tat as u con’t to work hard wif the right purposes, God will provide u ample opportunities for u to be used in His overall great plan. love you dear, jia you until the end of the year!

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