The funny thing about life

I think God is in all of this… no matter how much I have sinned, it never fails Him to have a hand in everything. Lately I have only dared to seek forgiveness for the things i have done… maybe it’s because i have a more optimistic outlook of life, it hasn’t felt like the end of the world yet. Slowly I am beginning to accept the reality of matters, thanks of course due to support from Theo finally.

It has been extremely tough on him lately thinking through all that has happened especially thinking about what our parents would do and say when they hear about it. We will have no end of anything. I suppose it’s time to take responsibility and perhaps this situation will put some urgency into my life and shake me out of mediocrity…

It still scares me everyday so much that i cry at the what is going to happen in the future. But when i remember that God is still with me, things kinda feel less miserable. Interestingly there’s been a lot of such news in the newspaper lately… why only now? Ha ha. Oh God! Thank for your forgiveness, I only now pray for courage to continue living on whatever life has to deal me. ARG!

One thought on “The funny thing about life

  1. darling…i know it’s been hard. n i dun blame u at all. i jus want the best for u. in everything tat i do, i hope that it will put a smile on ur face, cuz tat’s all that matters to me. i knw its a long road…the Lord warned me before with tat vision in the desert. till today, im not sure if the prophecy was a warning or a consulance…i jus pray God still keeps us in the hollow of His palm. i love u my dear. till the end of my life.

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