Condemned for Eternity?

Is it possible for a Christian to be condemned for eternity?

I just realised that it might just be possible – how? When the whole community refuses to forgive a sin committed. When those who are involved choose to hush it up instead of telling the truth. Of course there are implications on both sides. We want to protect those we love now. We don’t want any harm to come to them esp if they are holding positions of leadership.

But does that mean that my child’s future is compromised? I feel so helpless as a mother. I really wish that this thing didn’t have to happen to me. I wish my in-laws didn’t have to be prominent people. I wish that somehow people would behave like what Christ would have behaved in this situation. “Let he who has no sin cast the first stone.”

It’s getting harder everyday to walk this path chosen. I feel like I am getting more and more jaded with life. I am trying so hard to walk with my head held up so that my baby can do the same when he’s born. Is that how mothers to be feel? Overly protective of their child? And yet everyone seems to want to turn this situation into one that requires one to bow their head for eternity.

I know it isn’t something you publish on the newspaper and spread the news in a glorious manner. But it isn’t something you hide away and try to pretend nothing ever happened and wish others would go about minding their own business too. Not especially if it’s going to affect a newborn baby’s life. If it were my own to choose, I would bow my head too if that’s what everyone wants.

I just don’t know anymore. Perhaps I am stubborn, melo dramatic and naive. I just don’t want to live life this way anymore. And yet for the sake of protecting the interests of others who are supposed to be dear to someone dear, I have to keep quiet. I have to conform. I hate it!

3 thoughts on “Condemned for Eternity?

  1. Hey girl…

    I know you’re going through loads of pain and stress right now… I finally understood what you’ve been going through and as a good friend, I feel the pain and stress with you too. Somehow, I guess things often don’t go how we want it to be and it’s worse when the closest to you does not seem to be able to support you. I am willing to help in any capacity that I can. Please just tell me and I’ll help, this I promise… Heck, I’m even willing to help you care for the baby in the future! Heh… you just have to say the word!

    Don’t give up… God is still there to hold you and help you go through this experience.

    “I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.” – Philippians 4:13

    Gambate!!! Jiayou!!!

    In God’s Love,

  2. God knows both Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit no matter who pointed fingers at who so He knows lor. One thing for sure God still loves us even while we were sinners. And He knows what we are going thru lor.

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