Bring Me Where?

When you are inspired, apparently you can do with very little sleep.

I spent the last four nights working on my website. I probably clocked about 3 hours of sleep each. 

On 12th Oct, I added a page on my travel planning services detailing a five-step process which includes customised travel itineraries, destination research and arranging bookings and reservations for flights, trains, accommodation and other sightseeing interests.

On 14th Oct, I completed my travel diary detailing journeys I have made in my rather short life. It is nostalgic recalling these trips and how much I had enjoyed planning and embarking on each of them. A mental note to go back to my parent’s place and retrieve all related photos. 

Happy to announce a discovery. Using the free MapChannels service, I am able to embed maps on my website using .kml files that are first built on Google Maps. This is certainly going to save me a bomb.

On 16th Oct,  I started on the a page dedicated to listing destinations around the world from A – Z. I got this idea from the Columbia Gazetteer of the World which does exactly that. I hope to discover new places of interest around the world apart from the typical tourist spots.

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