It all began with H-T-M-L

It is amazing how one person’s inspiration can make an impact in another person’s life.

My colleague decided that he was going to start his own retail business, bought a ticket to China, brought back some merchandise, set up his online boutique and then his business starting taking off.

I guess his enthusiasm must have churned an inner desire that I have somehow buried over the last few years so I decided to head to the public library and borrowed a very basic book on HTML – Teach Yourself Visually HTML by Sherry Kinkoph.  

I spent several nights working on my notepad figuring out the different codes and was surprised that HTML wasn’t that difficult at all. (Java on the other hand is quite different story.)

Since I was putting energies into learning something new, I might as well put it to good use. So Bring Me There was born. My first template was rough edged but I was proud of my little project. There are several travel articles I wanted to share with fellow netizens especially since my return from my first Europe trip.

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