Faith is Trusting the unprovable

Out of sheer frustration, I am re-examining my purpose in life. When life starts going out of orbit, it has a tendency to make people go into soul searching mode. And somehow that always brings me back to God and asking Him what on earth am I here for and what is His plan for my life?

So I found this really really old book which I bought many years ago. It is already yellow with age. I bought it when I was working as a financial adviser representative. That was another phase in my life when I was spinning out of orbit. I knew then that it was something noble that I was doing but I just couldn’t reconcile my survival (bringing home the bread) with doing what is right for my clients.

Anyway the book is Tough Minded Faith for Tender-Hearted People by Robert H. Schuller. A book on 366 motivational messages focusing on the fundamentals of faith. And how it might help someone leap from self-doubt to self-fulfillment. I don’t usually read self-help books. Men is incapable of helping themselves, period. We need God. But each daily message begins with a verse from the Bible so I take this as an appropriate source.

Day 1 Faith is Trusting the unprovable

When proof is possible, faith becomes impossible.

One sentence kind of shouted out at me. ‘When they (people) trust you even though you didn’t display your credentials, faith is born.’

People keep saying that trust is earned. But when they decide to trust you even though you haven’t earned it, they have faith in you. How many times we put our faith in other people without realising it!

Right now, I am experiencing an episode of major self-doubt in my own abilities. But when I think about the bosses who interviewed me and gave me my current job, they obviously had faith in me! I had absolutely no prior experience and credentials to speak of related to my current portfolio.

As I think about it, I must have had great faith in myself to pull through just based on my passion for educating public on retirement planning.

Anyway that’s the thought for the day. Hopefully I can update daily as I read this book and come out of it with a renewed belief in God and His purpose for me.

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