Faith is Dreaming God’s dream

‘The human being is the only creature in the universe that has the capacity for exercising creative imagination!’

God, the creator of everything in the universe, made us in His image. Hence we share the capacity to dream dreams and create beautiful accomplishments.

I recently read an article about Japan’s perception of the American MBA. Many Japanese felt that these returning graduates do not share the nation’s pride in its inventions and desire to make everything as beautiful as it can possibly be. They feel that these graduates have been Americanised to only appreciate profits and efficiency.

Who is to blame them? On one hand, Japan is competing against a global trade community that can produce the same goods faster and at a lower cost. On the other, Japan has to uphold its traditions and rootedness to perfection and beauty in their work.

The economy has no doubt suffered from their insistence on quality (blame it on consumers who want cheap and good products). But I think almost everyone associates Japan with goods of the most exceptional quality and style that is worth paying the extra buck for.

This brings me back to my understanding of dreaming God’s dream. We are created to pursue them no matter what the world says we ought to do.

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